What To Share First?

The first historical place we went was to Jamestown Settlement. They were having a home educators event also. We got wonderfully reduced ticket prices to enjoy Jamestown and Yorktown Victory Center. Last year we did the National Park Service Jamestowne site and this year tried out the "rebuilt" site. It was fun and informative.

We were given a lot of information from the locals....

We were very interested in the housing...

Coyote, anyone?

Some of us were more enthusiastic than others...

Now we were talking! Bear! I have eaten this yummy red meat before....

My youngest son fell in love on this trip....with the ships! This is the Susan Constant.

Here he is bidding us farewell....if he were old enough, I am sure he would have wanted to stay on as Ship's Boy.

Then there are those who are eager to serve their country....regardless of the ill fitting uniform!

Make that two of them!


  1. I love the pictures you got.

    It is so fun that Kyle is old enough to really enjoy your vacation.

    Becky K.

  2. Those are cute pictures! The kids are so funny! That was a great picture of Kyle on the ship, and Sarah looks like she's enjoying herself at the end.


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