Saturday, February 27, 2010

Home Keeping

With my husband at work this weekend, I am keeping the home fires burning. My two right hand women are away today - one with her Grandfather at a horse expo, and one spending part of the day with a friend who just lost her Grandmother.

I have been busy, but in a relaxed way, not rushing around. I made breakfast, tidied the kitchen, cleaned the bathroom. I have been knitting and finally finished a short scarf.

I have worked on it off and on for quite a while now and am glad to get it finished!

A week ago I knitted this wee hat in pink for my yet in the womb granddaughter. I know that she will be born in June, but newborns often have trouble regulating their body temperature and so they put little hats on them. It is so cute and if they don't use it Rachel and Sarah can have it for their dolls!

When I finish this post, I will be headed into Kyle's room to move the furniture around - he is asking for his bed to be next to his train table. Hmmm, I am thinking he is wanting to be able to lay in bed and play with Thomas and his friends, but I have a few other ideas!

It snowed this morning, but now there is patchy blue sky outside! So thankful for this! I have been grateful for the days of less rushing around. More time in my home. I love my home - I love to make it warm and welcoming for my family. Tonight when Tim returns home after a 12 hour day away, he will come home to a clean and tidy home, children ready for bed - all freshly bathed, smelling good with their hair combed or braided - soft lighting, a chapter or two in Little House On The Prairie...He will be welcomed by a wife who is delighted to see him, and children who have missed their daddy all day. He will be bringing Emily home with him, stopping to pick her up from her friends home. Lindsay will be coming home this evening too, brought by her Grandpa who loves her enough to spend the day with her at the horse expo! We will be filled with happiness to be together once again. It may seem silly but these simple things are a delight to me.

These simple home chores can get boring and bog you down, if you let your focus get off the joy of serving others and get onto your self...I know, I've done it plenty of times! But the Lord keeps renewing my focus and teaching me to be a servant to all...

Tomorrow will be church...I missed last week and may need to miss again depending on my little guys' cold. It has progressed, and is getting better, but he may not be ready yet to go. He will be so unhappy - he loves to see his good friends there! I like to see my friends there too and to hear the Word preached, but I know that God can meet me in my living room as well as at church. He is so good.

I'd love to hear what you are up to this weekend....


  1. I seriously hope you don't have to miss may be just fine but the rest of us miss out when you and Kyle are absent!

  2. I hope you make it to church!!!

  3. I love to be home too. I have some jobs at home I prefer over others, but serving my family is a blessing.
    We attend church on Sat. night. It took some getting used to, but now we love it. Our church is large and has services on both Sat. and Sun. Of course, it still seems that someone usually needs to be there on Sunday as most everyone helps in one ministry or another.


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