These two sure do love each other!  They like to have fun together making crazy faces, taking walks.  She calls him "My Baby!"  and her calls her "Emma."  She is his go to gal when Mom isn't around.  I love to see my children build relationships together...Emily is always going to be special in his life.


  1. Sweet photos.

    I was tickled this weekend when our neighbors came by to visit. The youngest one had a t-shirt on that had a dog referred to as his buddy.

    Warren tried to make conversation with him and asked him about the buddy on his shirt. Ty, who is four years old, was very frustrated with Warren and said "NO!" He pointed out his older brother as his buddy.

    Gotta love it when siblings are close.

    Your kids are wonderful examples of that.

    Becky K.

  2. Those pictures are very cute!


  3. They are so special together. Emma is going to be a great mother. I love them both so much.

  4. Awesome!
    Beautiful pictures!!
    Blessings and prayers,

  5. I just love these picture's.
    These two blessing of yours remind me of my two kids when they were younger. Constantly making faces at each other, being silly continually, and they just adored being able to make each other laugh.

    Funny.....they are now (my sweet possum)now 24 and (our little redneck)now 20 years old.....and they STILL do all those same things.

    LUV IT!!!

    You will most likely find that your two kiddos will probably do the same....for the rest of their lives... syblings who are close as kids...usually stay that way!
    What a blessing.

    Love & Prayers,


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