Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Arctic Vortex

Well, I know we are faring better than the midwest but our temperature is so cold here.  It is a sunny day, and the current temp is 0 degrees with the wind chill of -23 according to the weather channel!

Tim and Lindsay had to go out and set up a different trough for the horses, because the heater in the one we use broke and the water is completely frozen!  So on his way home from work he bought a new heater and they got it set up in record time!  Tim said he could see why being out for even a short period of time is dangerous in these temperatures.  He said his face was starting to hurt.

The chickens have lots of shavings for warmth and insulation in their coop and we reset the timer on the heat lamp so it would be on for their comfort.  They are doing fine, and we are getting 5-7 eggs a day!

Kyle woke up sick this morning - tummy trouble - so if you'd pray for him I'm certain he'd appreciate it.  It doesn't seem to be a really bad episode, so we are hopeful it is just isolated to him!  

We were supposed to go to our friends house this afternoon, so Rachel and their daughter Brooke could practice a song they are playing for offertory in two weeks.  But with Kyle being sick, we'll be staying home.  I am not a germaphobe but I hate a stomach bug and I refuse to spread it to others.

In a way, this will slow us down and keep us relaxed and cozy in our warm  house today.

I'm thankful.

Now to get to my ride.  I am so thankful for the exercise bike!  No wind chill for me!


  1. Doesn't Polar Vortex sound so much more ominous than just plain, "Brrrrrrrr!"?

    I have never wanted exercise equipment at the house because I don't have a good place for it.

    BUT TODAY, I would find a place around here. I wish I had an exercise bike too.

    Stay warm and (for your Kyle) get well!

  2. Oh my goodness. It is sooooo cold here! We're just not used to temperatures like this, and then the wind...shiver! My local friend tells me that it will be 60 degrees on Saturday, so our cold is relatively short-lived.

    Sorry to hear that Kyle is not feeling well. Praying that he feels better soon. I hope that the rest of you are spared. Stay warm and cozy today. So very thankful for home.

  3. The cold kind of slows things down for me even without illness in the house. Here on the west side of the Rockies temps are pretty normal, but I've been thinking and praying for all you folks experiencing such frigid weather.

  4. We are very cold down South too! BRRRR! I am staying in and doing some much needed housework:) Praying Kyle feels better and I think it is smart to keep the germs away from everyone else! I do that too! Have a blessed day dear friend, happy cycling:)

  5. Your friends will appreciate your keeping those nasties corralled. Tell Kyle I am praying for him to feel better soon. Good thing the trough was fixed quickly. John was working on his truck this morning and he said the same thing about his face hurting. Man won't wear a hat or gloves or a scarf. Grumble...grumble...

  6. Deanna,
    First I love the new home page look! secondly, I am very interested in how homesteaders are dealing with the intenese cold...how the livestock is fairing, etc. Thank you for sharing and keep us posted. Enjoy your warm quiet, and I do pray for Kyle today.

  7. Hope Kyle's tummy feels better & that it doesn't pass on to the rest of you. (I stayed home from church Sunday not wanting to pass around the flu/cold that has been sapping my energy the past week...) Very cold here, too. Thankful to have shelter of warm house!

  8. I hope Kyle's illness is short lived and doesn't spread to the rest of you. It's been so cold here too -- we used to simply call this a "cod snap." :-) I'm sure others appreciate you not sharing those germs around!


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