Friday, January 31, 2014

Chicken Tortilla Soup

I had several requests for the recipe for Chicken Tortilla soup that we LOVE, so here is the link.  

We use Ree Drummond's recipe with a few changes to suit us.  We don't add the cornmeal, nor do I cut up tortillas to put in. And so far we haven't garnished with chopped tomatoes or avocado, though that would be yummy.

We do add white beans sometimes, and we really like it with corn added in.  We garnish with sour cream and cheese and we break up tortilla chips on top or we lightly fry up some tortilla strips.

The most time consuming thing is cooking the chicken but that could be done on a different day and stored in the freezer or the fridge.  

This soup has a bit of a kick to the flavor - that's just how we like it!

We also double or triple this recipe - we like to have it left over for the next day!  So, good!

*******************************************************If you want to see the website for Lindsay and Joseph's wedding, there is a link in yesterday's blog post!


  1. That sounds so yummy! I like a kick too. Ron used to be totally averse to spicy foods but he has changed a little. Now he likes a kick as long as it doesn't kick very high. ;)

  2. Chicken tortilla soup seems to be quite popular this week! Must be the weather. This recipe looks really good, I should try it. The website is nice and their story is so nicely written!

  3. Any soup always sounds great to me!

  4. We love chicken tortilla soup and avocados are a must. So delicious.

  5. I love PW recipes, but it's fun to change things up a bit to make it your own.

    All the wedding prep sounds like such fun!



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