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Just popping in to say Hi, and see if you all are experiencing the cold temperatures that we are.  It's bone chilling.  

I do have to say that it is beautiful out though.  Snow on the ground, blue, blue sky…delightful.

Today Lindsay, Joseph and I are heading to Maryland to my friend Amy's home.  She is our extraordinary reception coordinator.  It's a bit strange to turn this kind of thing over to someone else since this is usually my thing (event coordinating) but since I am the Mother of the Bride, I have been told that I may NOT do anything but that on the wedding day!  So, I am blessed to have Amy.  She is so talented and she knows what our style.  It will be awesome!

We are also working on designing the invitations today!  Can't wait for you all to see them.  They need to go out in about 2 weeks.  Exciting times!

I think we have the Junior Bridesmaids dresses figured out!  

I have ordered a dress.  

This Wednesday the guys are going to look at suits, and Lindsay, Emma and I are going along to keep them looking good!

Progress is being made.

What are you up to on this cold first Saturday in January?


  1. On this bitter cold Saturday, I am putting my house back together. Most of my Christmas decor has been taken down...and plopped in the dining room! It looks like an after-Christmas sale in there! When Ron gets home (he's doing a small project for his sister), he will get the boxes down from the attic and we will attack. As much as I love decorating for Christmas, I am now very ready for a simple, fresh look and a clean house.

    Enjoy your day of planning and fellowship! You are accomplishing so much. By February, you will all be sitting back with your feet propped up, just waiting for the big day to arrive. Okay...maybe not. :)

  2. The snow looks pretty! It's sooo cold here too, much colder than normal and it has a look of snow in the air but none predicted. You are really making progress! You are right to do nothing on the big day but enjoy it!

  3. This is such an exciting time. I was the mother of the groom last year and it was nice to relax and let others take control.It was hard for me to even let go of the rehearsal dinner. I love to cook and entertain, but since we were away it had to be done at a restaurant. It was wonderful and we had a lovely time the entire time we were celebrating.

    Safe travels my friend!


  4. This is my first time seeing your blog. I live in the Northwest and am 57 years old. Raised 5 awesome kids and have 10 incredible grandchildren! We have many things in common: God, bad back, and health issues. If you don't mind I would love to continue reading your blog. Maybe you can help me. Joyce

  5. That photo could have this caption: Many hands make light work. A family that works together is a good one I say!

    What am I doing? Okay, I'm feeling chatty. The day began with coffee and a piece of peanut butter toast. I asked John how cold it was and nearly dropped my coffee when he said that it was -18F. When it is this cold, one can feel it around the floors and through the nooks and crannies.

    Then it was transfer station day, which meant that I had to muck out the stall. (Sounds so much more romantical than clean the litterbox.) Then I shifted laundry around, made up fresh beds, and did up dishes. Then my daughter called and she was bringing sandwiches for lunch...Italians...love them.

    Now I am pondering a nap because the elephant in my ear is doing a tango and it is driving me bonkers.

    Have I told you far more than you wished to know?

  6. It's chilly here today, but just barely over freezing so nothing to compare with the chill you're experiencing. I did a little grocery shopping, made lasagne for dinner tonight (with guests), an apple/rhubarb/blueberry crisp, and foccacia bread. After I get that cleaned up I'm going to sew - and take photos because it's bright and sunny, not rainy and grey.
    So glad you are handing the reins over to someone else for that big day. Actually, you're still driving until the end. Enjoy your day.
    Love the photos of the family shoveling out the driveway!

  7. Oh what gorgeous blue skies against the bright white snow:) It is very cold here in the South! I am staying warm as much as possible! I love weddings and can't wait to experience it all with you! Have a blessed weekend and a warm and wonderful week ahead! HUGS!

  8. I so long for snow! Here in the UK we've had rain, rain, rain, wind, rain, rain. However, I'm counting my blessings because I got to do a bit of gardening today!

    So exciting planning for a wedding. I remember my own, loved it. :)


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