I Walk The Line

One aspect of wedding planning that I didn't really envision was the balancing act I would need to do in the family.  

On the one hand I am an event planner (though never paid!).  It's my 'thing.'  On the other hand this is Lindsay and Joseph's wedding and not mine, and I want the wedding and reception to reflect them.  On the other hand, I know that as the M*O*B it will reflect on me as well.  Lindsay is laid back, I like to get things done.  So I find my self walking a line here of not pushing what I think or what I want.  That's good for us both and with 40 days until the big day, we have everything basically finished.  Invites will be printed this week and sent out to our guests.  

This is our running tally board that is on our refrigerator!

The other line I walk is between my work as the wedding coordinator and my real job of wife and mother.  We still need to get our school work done, have meals, get groceries.  I try to keep focused on what I need to do at the moment and not let all the "must do's" crowd in.  One thing at a time, is my motto.  An example this week was working out the challenges of a junior bridesmaid unhappy with her dress, trying to find a solution, while also having to deal with getting Rachel's cello repaired.  How did it work out?  Well, the junior bridesmaid has accepted that her dress doesn't have sleeves (this was her issue) and thanks to Rachel's cello teacher, we found a repair shop that does quality work, reasonably priced, that was only 20 minutes away.  He got it done in one day as well!

This junior bridesmaid loves her dress, belt, and shoes!

A third line I walk is an emotional one.  Balancing time spent with a beloved daughter who will soon be in her own home, and yet not focusing totally on her.  We have 6 other children, an nearly daughter in law and a granddaughter.  Oh and I have a husband.  

This guy is so excited by his suit!

It's not a bad thing to 'walk the line.'  In fact, I think it's good for me.  It requires patience, and giving and receiving grace from each other.  It requires the Lord's help in every aspect.  We are still smiling here, and rejoicing in God's goodness.

I need to run - haircut today, it's badly needed and it will put me on track for the next one being timed for the week of the wedding!  Perfect!


  1. Oh Deanna, the engagement pics, in the post below this one, are so lovely and sweet! And the kiddos in this pic look so cute in their wedding clothes.--LOVE the dress!

    Since I've never been a mother I've never had to experience what must be a very bitter-sweet time in life...But knowing you as I have over these blogging years, I know you are a woman of strength and faith who will handle all of the balancing you're asked to do right now with grace. :)

    PS--Your blog looks really pretty. :)

  2. I just got back from getting a hair cut and color:) The dress and suit are precious! I do better when I have a bunch of tasks ahead of me! Keeps me focused and moving! It will all come together, just keep marching forward! HUGS!

  3. A dear friend of mine who has walked this line two times so far always says that she made it through and enjoyed the whole thing by committing every little teeny thing to God. She said her two daughter weddings were some of her sweetest times of communion with Him.

    A good opinion that obviously you share.

    And please tell the junior bridesmaid that she is just plain lovely.

    (I would have you send the same message to young Mr. Suit, but he would probably say, "Blech." )

  4. Oh the kids look great in their outfits! You really are planning well. Now you'll know exactly what your hair will be like and what to do by having it cut now. Smart, smart thinking! And I'm sure that everything will be accomplished and all beautifully. You've been getting lots of practice through the years!

  5. Oh, how I understand the balancing act you're doing right now. It sounds, though, like you're doing a fabulous job. It will all be such a lovely, fun memory (even the stressful parts) by this time next year.

  6. Oh, it's so exciting, Deanna! I know that the Lord is granting you grace and wisdom as you walk all the lines there are to walk.

    My heart warms as I remember those last days with children who are about to leave the nest...bittersweet is exactly the right word.


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