Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wedding Prep - Invitations

The invitations went out yesterday!  I wish you could see the way they look with the addresses showing!  So lovely!

We also did a round label for the back of the envelope with a logo designed for them with a tree of life and their initials!

It is part of the design for their invitation.  This has been a fun process.  Our friend Amy is good with graphics and we sat down with her to discuss what they wanted and she played made several samples and they changed things, added something and then Voila'.  They were done.

We compiled addresses, had them printed, printed the envelopes and out they went!

We are eager to hear from our guests!  Can't wait to see how they like the invitations and whether they can join us on the big day!

Here are a few shots of the options for the invitations.

The invitations are not vastly different from this, but as they have not reached everyone yet, we didn't want to show the real thing!

I am happy to have a place to journal this journey to the wedding of our daughter to this wonderful young man.  

God is good.


  1. Oh i love it! I can't wait to get ours and see the invites in person!
    That's so neat that they have their own design/logo!
    Did you know we have a Lilla Rose clip called "Tree of Life"? :)

  2. Lovely...I imagine that it shall be the event of the season!

  3. Somehow missed your previous post but enjoyed it and your horse is beautiful! The invitation looks so nice. The countdown has really begun now … Enjoy every moment.

  4. These are beautiful, and I have no reason to doubt that the ones you all chose are beautiful too! Aren't there just sooooooo many decisions to make in planning a wedding? (Decisions aren't my strong suit. They are my daughter's, which is the only way her lovely wedding came about! Of course, I did have a newborn at the time...)

  5. These are very beautiful, if the real ones are similar I know they are too! It really sounds like you are enjoying and savoring this special time! I am looking forward to you sharing!


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