Wedding Prep - Flowers!

Yesterday, Lindsay and I had the fun of meeting my friend Susan for lunch to discuss and plan the wedding flowers.

Susan is gifted.  She got me started gardening years ago, dividing up her perennials and sharing them with me.  We share a love of beautiful flowers and tea!

Lindsay came armed with photos of what she was interested in and we looked a things online, too.  Can I just say, they are going to be beautiful!

Lots of greens and creams/whites.  Gorgeous.  Something similar to this -

and this

and this for the flower girl!

Of course these are just inspiration pieces!  But can you imagine these with ivory and royal blue?

These are some of my inspirations for the reception tables.

Can you tell all of this is making my event planner heart swoon!?  I was saying yesterday "Then I can put the flowers on the tables in the morning" and Susan cut me off and said "No.  I will put them on the tables.  You are the mother of the bride.  You get to just enjoy it all with your daughter."  I got so caught up in the making it lovely and was ready to give myself jobs to do!  

Someones kid better get married soon so I can help!  It's so much fun!

I, having been married in 1988, had all silk flowers which was the 'thing' back then.  What kind of flowers did you have when you married?


  1. Silk flowers for me in 1996 too... :)

  2. I was married in 1992, and had silk flowers as well. The colors were navy blue and white, and I thought they were quite beautiful!

  3. I love the greens and the whites. Particularly the second picture.

    My own wedding flowers were blue and white.


  4. No flowers at all. I carried a small white Bible. Very inexpensive. LOL!

    Love all the inspirations!

  5. Pink roses and white daisies. My girls carried a single long stemmed rose. It is all going to be so beautiful! It's nice you are documenting it all on your blog.

  6. I had purple lilacs - my favorite flower (they smelled heavenly), purple sweet peas, white roses and greenery. :)

  7. I got married in the summer and carried a bouquet of daisies, white roses, and baby's breath. My bridesmaids had daisy bouquets and the boutonnieres were single daisies.

  8. My girls all carried single calla lilies, and the men had
    phalaenopsis orchid boutonnieres. The girls wore burgundy velvet dresses, and I wore an ivory dress. We were married in 1992. Ages ago. ;)

  9. 1988i had orchids

  10. 1988i had orchids

  11. Gorgeous!! Had I been blogging back when my niece got married, the flowers and tables would have looked so much like that. I am in crazy love with the look.

    Aren't you having the most momtastic time? Some day, when God says it's my time, you will hear me squeal all the way across the Mason Dixon line.

  12. Some one (wink) made my beautiful wedding bouquets from silk flowers and I still have them around to enjoy!

  13. I really like the greens, creams and whites. Very pretty!

  14. I was also a 1988 bride and had pink silk flowers.

    These are gorgeous inspiration photos. Can't wait to see how she does Lindsay's flowers.


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