Home Keeping: Daily Work

Every home has its daily work.

At our home, we don't have a certain day we do certain chores.  We do a bit of everything everyday.  

Laundry is everyday work here.  Dishes are too.  Cooking, yep.  Animal care, yes.  

We also do our schooling at home, so we have the daily work of math, history, science, reading, music etc…

It just seems to flow - most days without too much chaos, but other days it's very chaotic.  It is just life here at our cottage.

With switching the bedrooms around, I have added the extra work of sorting through years of accumulation and deciding which things must stay and which are able to be passed on.  Old sheets and old clothes are becoming rags, furniture is being arranged.  I like this kind of work.  It is work to go through your things and decide if you really love something, and if you are keeping it because it is a special family item, or if this thing can go and be a treasure in someone else's life.

Yesterday generated 2 more bags for Goodwill, a few pictures to my parents house that I no longer was ever going to hang here in my house.  

I am excited by the possibilities of the great space in my new bedroom.

Little by little it is all being accomplished.  Daily work helps us to keep our home tidy, our clothes clean and put away, and it helps us to be ready to welcome guests without us rushing crazily about to prepare.

What kind of daily work do you do?

All artwork is from my Pinterest board Lovely Paintings.  You can access my Pinterest boards by the link on my sidebar.


  1. Your paintings are wonderful. I love that the tasks of daily life are considered worthy of artist's time and effort. They certainly do make up a large part of life. Cleaning and sorting are going on here, too.

  2. Love the rhythm of a busy household, and love these pictures! Especially the first one!

  3. I'm a scheduled cleaning kind of gal Certain things on different days, but daily chores are cooking, handwashing the dishes and taking care or our cat - Ally Gator. I love to take care of our home and in the warmer weather months gardening is on the daily chores list.

    I love to talk about home keeping too!


  4. It's so satisfying to keep a home that runs well. You certainly have a great work crew! One tip I learned from Don Aslett is to clean something the minute that I notice it is dirty. Handprints on the door! Clean it now. Spill in the fridge? Clean it now. That kind of thing helps me.

  5. I, too, love your paintings of domestic work.

    Our daily work is similar to yours, although on a smaller scale as we have fewer in our home. Laundry (but not every day), cooking, tidying, homeschool, dishes (but many go through the dishwasher), animals (only two). Lately, I have been vacuuming every. single. day. Between the wood stove mess and the kitty litter...it has become an every day chore. Messy floors make me crazy.

    There is something very comforting about domestic work. Some tasks can be tedious at times, but the mind is free to soar while doing them. And work done together is rewarding.

    1. I like how you said there is something comforting about domestic work. I find I have to work on that attitude sometimes having grown up with the idea that house "work" was drudgery.

      I do like caring for my home and family, I don't find it drudgery!

  6. I agree that homemaking chores can be comforting. Laundry and dishes often help me sort out my soul.

    1. Kathy,

      I love that. It is so true that we can often find quite moments during these chores, that allow us to think and ponder!


  7. Enjoyed your lovely old paintings, your day to day chores sounds like mine, though this week I have been a little lax, as my time has been in the garden getting ready to pant and also planting English pea, Looking forward to you sharing your new bedroom.


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