Friday, July 24, 2015


I've been busy preparing for several upcoming things.

The first of course is Nate and Kayleigh's wedding.  She and I shopped on Monday and got some items for the tables, the flower girl basket and the ring bearer pillow.  It was fun and it's great to see it all coming together.

The second thing I've been preparing for is our upcoming school year.  We start back in August and with the wedding in September and Tim's business starting, I am glad that we start early.  This always affords us flexibility during the year.  We also finish at the beginning of May (we don't have snow days, teacher in service days, etc) so by time we start we've had three full months off!

Tomorrow while I am out getting groceries and running errands, I will be getting pencils (I only use Ticonderoga brand), glue sticks, tape, paper, folders, art supplies.  I love back to school shopping!  Who am I kidding?  I LOVE back to school!

This will be Rachel's last year!  She's got an ambitious load - Biology, British Literature, math, history, humanities.  Plus, it looks like she will be a starting a part time job soon.  (more on that next week!)

I am also preparing for the start of Tim's business.  He has already begun but is still at his other job until the 31st.  I've been helping with making sure he has all his tools ordered, and has the supplies he needs.  I also have helped him with scanning and sending reports.

We are hoping to get my parents house on the market soon, so we are preparing our house and theirs.  Sorting, organizing, preparing plans.  It's all good.

There is always a lot going on but by planning and doing a bit at a time, it all gets done.  And I have my handy dandy crew here to help!  That's the real secret to my success!


  1. You are doing lots of preparing!! And not small things either! It's wonderful that you have a "handy dandy crew" to help you!

    Happy planning!!

  2. A helpful crew is a great asset! Sounds crazy busy there!

  3. You do have a lot going on! Sounds like you have iit all under control!

  4. Looks like a busy time for you too!, Wow, so many new things, I am so happy for you, I know everything will go well, it also sounds like you have a good support system! ~smile~
    Best wishes and much success,

  5. Sounds like busy times for you. Busy but productive, not just whirling around.


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