Tuesday, July 7, 2015

This And That

I feel like so much is going on here and it all doesn't fit neatly into a blog post.  It is time for a bit of This and That!

My MIL is here for another week.  We are having a good time, she's finished one book and is onto a second one.  Sarah decided Grammy must read Lori Wick, so she is taking care of providing Grammy with books.  

The first few days she was here, she didn't seem to be making much progress.  I assumed with her short term memory issues, that maybe she was re-reading the same pages over and over.  I was wrong!  

Today we are going to see JOSEPH at Sight and Sound.  My personal favorite show!


Kamryn is staying with my parents this week.  She is going to VBS at their church.  Mom says that last night when she was supposed to be brushing her teeth, she kept singing, "Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me."  We sing this song in the van listening to Rachel's iPod a lot and it is a favorite.  I pray that Kamryn will truly know His love in her life!


Kay is making progress on the wedding.  We have the tent rental, taken care of, tables and chairs, her dress, Kamryn's dress, invitations.  Kay handmade all the envelopes.  It is really neat.  I'll show you once the invitations go out.


We have been on our summer break for two months already!  We are scheduled to start back on August 3rd, but that's Kyle's 10th birthday.  I'm thinking we may have to take that day off too!

As it stands right now, I have 2 graduates for next year.  Rachel will graduate from high school and Emma from her Bible School.  On the same weekend!  

Here's the plan for how this will work. Rachel's graduation will be on Friday night.  7:00pm.  When its over, we will hope in a big vehicle that will accommodate my parents as well, and head to South Carolina.  Most of us will be able to sleep, and when we get to SC, Tim our driver will sleep.  Emma's graduation is at 2:00pm.  

Not too crazy, right?!!!

Tim feels that it is doable.  It will be another wild family memory.

Here are a few photos from their time at the youth conference.

 My twins born 5 years apart.  Not identical, but Vinnie said he got them confused at a distance more than once.

Two of Vinnie's sisters went to the youth conference as well.  Saturday after the conference Emma took them out shopping.
They have a good time together.

  I have apples on one of my trees this year.  I am very excited by this.  The photos aren't great, I took them when I was mowing the property yesterday.

I will leave you with this video from one of the sporting activities from the youth conference.  It makes me laugh so much.  

Our friend Max in red and Vinnie in blue.  This is hysterical to me. Sumo wrestling!


 We are hot and humid here this week.  We had a huge thunderstorm last night.  We had just watched "Mrs. Miniver" with Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon.  One rumble of thunder made us feel like we were under a bombing attack, like in the movie!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. If this is my second comment, please delete. I am surprised to see Rachel standing a little taller than her sis. They do favor each other...they look like sisters! Then I said how exciting to see apples, already red, on the tree!

  2. Lots of fun family events going on. Apples! We have some this year, too, and I'm looking forward to eating them. But not for a few months.

  3. Wow your apples look great! It sounds like a wonderful summer for you. Can hardly believe it's time for you to start thinking about school again.

  4. In general,Rachel and and Emma do look like twins. They were so cute on campus togethter. How about that photo with the two sets of sisters! I like that one! Hey, Vinnie played football and so I wasn't surprised to see him win. That is a hilarious video!!! Some plans for graduation next year that you have. We'll see you and Tim there probably for the first time!


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