Chadd had a long surgery yesterday, the doctor finding a bowel perforation.  Today they are hoping to get him off the ventilator.

The local paper says that the state police have determined that Chadd drifted over the double yellow line on a curve and struck the other car.  We do not know why though.  The other car was being driven by a 78 year old woman who was not wearing a seat belt.

Sigh.  So much heartache.  

I don't know when they will tell Chadd, but it will devastate him.  Chelsea is struggling, please continue to pray for them.

Here is a link to Chelsea's mom Becky's blog.

God had His hand all over Chadd's survival in this crash, we KNOW He has a plan.  

Please join us in praying for them and for the family of the other driver.


  1. My prayers are with Chadd and Chelsea.. I hope everything turns out right.. Prayer is powerful and God is the Almighty.. Blessings

  2. Praying...taking a deep breath knowing that God is not caught off-guard as we so often are. It is all terribly heartbreaking.

  3. I'm just catching up Deanna, what a tragedy but I'm glad this young man didn't lose his leg. I'm sure a perforated bowel is not pleasant and I'll definitely add my prayers for those concerned.
    I can attest to God's divine intervention from what could have been a terrible accident when we were driving to Florida this past February.


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