Gardening: Saving Seeds

The garden is hitting that late summer lull.  We're all feeling it.  August is upon us and we are anticipating Autumn.  Yes, I said it out loud!  

Our summer has been relatively mild overall, so I have no complaints.  Really.  I just want it to be Autumn now!  Pinterest has not helped this feeling at all!  I've been pinning things like this


But I digress.

Back to the garden.

The garden is getting past its prime and many plants are going to seed.  As I was weeding last week and cutting some things back, I could here several plants tossing their seeds as I moved them.

I decided to save as many as I could.

These are my hollyhocks. 

I love how the seed casing is flower shaped.  Hollyhocks are easy to grow and all you do is toss the seeds out into the garden once you are past your last frost date.  Oh, and be careful of free ranging chickens.  Ask me how I know.  

 These were really rattling in their casings (for lack of a better word.  I don't know the technical term).  These are from my Larkspur.

 This poor blurry photo is of my Lychnis seeds.  They are really a pretty flower, on an interesting plant.

Last but not least, my poppies.  These seeds are enlarged here.  They are really very tiny.

Here is a link to a post I did about the garden in Mid June.  You can see all these flowers in the photos.

I love to share plants from my garden and saving and sharing seeds are an easy way to do this.

Do you save seeds?  Do you share them with friends?


  1. I have saved some seeds and Blackberry Wine (the book I am reading) is about saving seeds, but your seeds look more interesting than any I have. Stop wishing away time. Only folks in Baton Rouge and such places are allowed to do that. =D (It reaches 90° each day and today's humidity was 96%. How is that even possible?!

  2. I certainly am not ready for it to be fall. Let summer linger as long as possible. It's the change of pace I enjoy. I think its a nice idea to share seeds with friends.

  3. Nope, not ready for ice and cold rainy days...nope...

  4. Our patch of four o'clocks were grown from seeds that a friend gave us from her own plants, but I am not sure that we have ever gathered seeds from any of our plants.

    Summer is winding down, isn't it? As much as I love autumn, I am not quite ready to see summer go this year. There are a few things left on my list. :)


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