Behind The Scenes Of The Wedding

All of my photos are behind the scenes wedding photos.  As the decorator/floral designer/helper for the wedding, I didn't get a chance to take many photos during the service or reception.  During the service I was happy to sit with Tim and some friends and to enjoy seeing Ruth and Gary remarried.  God is good.

Here is our fellowship room - the kitchen is off to the right behind those 'temporary curtains.'

 Ruth had an inspiration photo of the centerpieces from Pinterest that she liked, 

and we made it happen on her budget.  I used the cylinders we had from Emma's wedding, and we chose silk petals over real.  They looked wonderful.

The tables also had mints, nuts, butter and rolls on them before the wedding ceremony started.

I did a sweetheart table for them.  This was such a hit with their family and guests and everyone came to visit with them at their table!

Each end of the room had a drink station.  Becky (from Hospitality Lane) and I decided to have the drinks be self serve.  It saved our young servers from having to refill drinks.

Several young people - early twenties to age 11 - acted as servers for the reception.  Daniel, Laura, Jane, Sarah, Kyle, Quinn, and Brooke served spinach salads, and then brought out the plates for the main course which was ham, potatoes, and green beans.  There was already a wonderful fruit cup on the table.

 The coffee carafe was not on the table yet but Becky even made the sugar 'pink' to coordinate with the brides colors!

 The cake was a replica of their cake from their first wedding 39 years ago.

Here is the bride before the ceremony with her bouquet.

 photo courtesy of Becky

And with her children Joy and Steve, who served as matron of honor and best man.

 I didn't get photos of the arrangements for the sanctuary at the wedding, but I took some this morning in my living room.  
 This was on the sweetheart table.

 The white hydrangea didn't hold up until this morning, but it was beautiful in the arrangements and in the bouquets.
Any of the 'holes' you see in the arrangements were where the hydrangea were.  I am so in love with these roses.  They opened beautifully and were just stunning.

Weddings are a lot of work, but they are so fun as well.  What a joy to help a couple celebrate such a significant moment in their lives!

I took a 'selfie' of myself in the kitchen during a lull in the work of the reception.  I used to hate to see myself in photos, but I'm growing to not mind.  I want to leave proof of being present in the lives of my children, family, and friends.


  1. dearest deanna .. you're lovely ♥
    you share your heart and life,
    bringing joy to others by the creative
    gifts given you by our precious Lord.
    beautiful pictures of a memorable day.

  2. Ah...that was fun. Thanks for all of your help in the food department as well. It was good to do another event together.

  3. All the arrangements look beautiful:)

  4. What a labor of love! You did a beautiful job for the happy couple!

  5. Everything, every sweet pink touch, was delightfully beautiful! And great selfie shot of you too, I agree, too many times we are behind the camera, and invisible to events, lol! Happy to meet you today :)

  6. The roses are stunning! I know from this post and Becky's that everything was so pretty and that the newlyweds could not have hoped for a more attractive wedding. What a blessing! The bride is so pretty in her lovely wedding dress.

  7. Oh what a lovely day. It turned out beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  8. What joy you brought to everyone, with all the thoughtful touches!

    I agree with you on self pictures. I never wanted pictures of me but now I don't mind, for the same reason.


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