Friday, October 14, 2016

Hydrangea In Autumn

I'm enjoying the hydrangea with their autumn colors.  They will dry nicely too and I'll be able to enjoy them through the winter, as well.

Joining the girls at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.


  1. I like the hydrangea flowers when they turn pink, and of course yours look very nice in the blue Ball canning jar.

  2. Stunning color on those hydrangeas and the turquoise of the canning jar is a terrific complement.

  3. So very pretty! We planted a limelight hydrangea here about a month ago, and it's just beginning to turn pinkish.

    Happy weekend to you! Soak up that baby time!

  4. beautiful in the blue jar!
    hydrangeas are so lovely..

  5. Beautiful flowers♥ Have a lovely weekend ♥

  6. Hydrangeas are such versatile flowers - I love the way they change colours in the fall to suit our decor!

  7. Beautiful! I better check mine so I can dry them for the winter:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!


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