Peonies In Bloom

Two days ago the peonies began to bloom, so I did what I always do - I snipped a few.

The next day I snipped three more and made this arrangement.

This is how the peony in the front garden looks this morning.

They are so beautiful and the scent is heavenly!


  1. I shouldn't succumb to envy, but....your peonies are so beautiful. And mine has two buds!

  2. Your Peonies are stunning Deanna! My Mother's favorite flower and I have never seen any in these vibrant color!

  3. Peonies are a favorite around here. I have one bush getting ready to bloom and three more I planted last and I hope they will bloom next year. We'll see. I love the color of yours :)

  4. They are really pretty, I love peonies.

  5. Guess what I discovered in our yard this year? Yes, peonies! How did I not notice them last year? Even with the craziness of moving into a new house, you'd think I'd have at least seen them. Do they bloom every year? There were only three light pink blooms this year, but oh-so-pretty!!

  6. I can't WAIT for ours to bloom. It is full of buds. (We only have one bush and it has a picket fence behind it, too!)

  7. They put on such a wonderful show don't they? We transplanted our bushes and had none this year, but I enjoy seeing yours!

  8. Gorgeous colour and blooms. Mine are buds, as yet, but there are lot of them!

  9. They are gorgeous!
    We have several peony farms here in our area. I would love to grow my own one of these days when we get our own house and space.


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