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Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have started to do fun and educational things with my little ones for Thanksgiving. It helps me to not skip over this holiday in my quest for being saturated with Christmas!

A friend gave me a unit study book called "Celebrate Thanksgiving" by Charlene Notgrass. It has fun lessons in it and craft ideas - just up the little ones learning alley!

I also like to use "Thanksgiving - A Time To Remember" by Barbara Rainey. Barbara is the wife of Dennis Rainey who hosts the "Family Life Today" radio program. This is a wonderful book that tells the pilgrim story on two levels - one in larger font if you are reading it to children and the whole book for adults. It also comes with a great cd of music! There are not a lot of cd's out there with Thanksgiving music. You can find this great resource here.

I am going to California next week and coming back the Monday before Thanksgiving. Tim always takes that week off and we take the week of from school. So I am starting my Thanksgiving lessons a bit early this year.

I also am having to think ahead as far as a menu for meals for the days I am gone. Lindsay and Emily are great cooks, but I need to see what they want to make that
week and make sure they have all the ingredients!

This week has been a blur for me - I haven't been home much. Every day I have been out for a good portion of the day; Monday - shopping trip with the ladies of my family, Tuesday - Tim and I took our son and his girlfriend to lunch and then I ran errands while I was in that area. Wednesday - I was at our church making Wildlife Tree Ornaments with our co-op's 4-6th graders! Then we delivered them to Longwood Gardens! Today we have co-op and being the leader I am there from about 12:30 - 4:00 pm. Tomorrow is my grocery day...although I may just get what I need on the way home today!

I would love to hear what your traditions are for Thanksgiving! I will be doing a few more posts on this subject in the next week as well.


  1. Actually this year it will be at my home, even though it is very unfinished...20+ of neice Livvy will come out early and get things done for me..this week I INJURED my hand (I can't believe it !!!!) I am using all the helpers, I will be the director of the chaos...and then we will have our big white elephant game..and blessing and thanks and FAMILY....sheer JOY !!!

  2. We will most likely have our Thanksgiving meal at one of the "Moms" houses since mine will be very full of bags and packages of candles.

    I do hope your trip to CA is a good one. I know it will be a blessing to be with family.

    We will miss you at our last day of Co-op and the concert.



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