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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thinking About Christmas

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The indoor decorating is all done.  I just need to hang the garlands outside today.

I have been thinking about the specialness of this season and the pleasure it brings me.  We have never had money to simply spend whatever we want on gifts, we have always had amazing Christmases though.  The kids usually get much of the stuff on their lists but you have to understand that my kids lists are special – last year Rachel requested that someone help her put music on the ipod shuffle her cousin had bought her the previous year.  This year Sarah is asking for Cranberry Salad – the kind Grandma makes at Thanksgiving.  I just love their hearts!  So precious!

The year Lindsay wanted a violin, we found an amazing deal…this year Emily is wanting to learn Cello – I am praying for God to bring the right one along!  I know He will!

It doesn’t take money to share what we all really want for Christmas – to be loved and to be a part of a family.  Sharing our lives together is a gift.


We have a business near us that puts up an amazing light display every year and it’s free!  Our tradition is to go drive through several times then go across the road to the mini market and buy donuts!  So simple!


We watch the sappy Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel – well, most of them and we watch our favorites like “It’s A Wonderful Life” and “The Nativity Story.”  We sit and read by the Christmas tree and favorite stories are read each year.  We do an advent calendar that has scripture to memorize, so that we all have the real Christmas story memorized by Christmas day.

My parents come and sleep over Christmas eve – which is also Tim’s birthday.   We do lunch out for Tim’s birthday, go to our church’s Christmas Eve Service, come home and open our last door on our advent calendar, open stockings…simple things.

I have learned to not over burden myself at this time of year.  I want to enjoy it – not be bogged down or stressed with much to do.  I want to be able to focus on the Reason for the Season and share that with my family.

What are your thoughts as you approach Christmas?


  1. I soooo agree....
    my house is ready...probably will not bake...I can't stand...
    but I do love this time of year.
    btw...don't know why you are having problems getting to my blog..when you go to a are going to GOOGLE--who owns blogspot...not my computer or system...but then again..blogger sure can have their own glitches..can't they...

  2. It seems that this Christmas Season has approached so very quickly. However, I am thankful for our tradition of celebrating Advent as it turns our hearts and minds to the true reason we honor the day!

    Maybe I will get to decorate now. Chelsea has some ideas that we will attempt to implement.
    Blue and silver....we will see...

  3. You are way ahead of us on the decorating. We only have our Advent wreath out, nothing else.

    I love your kids' gift ideas. We get some similar things on our girls' lists and I just love it. It is heartwarming when they "get" what the season is all about, isn't it?

  4. Hm. Our Christmases have become increasingly simple over the years. Less activities and stuff bought. More...Him.

    So much has been happening in our family that Rocky asked me to scale back further on activities and things I typically say yes to. He's wise because I tend to do too much and become overwhelmed and completely stressed out. So, this year I'm making choices, the main choice being to put Him first and bless my family with an unstressed demeanor.

    Less really is more.

    Bless you,
    jAne * tickleberry farm


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