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Saturday, July 16, 2011

We're Back From The Gaming Show

 I am sitting in the dark in my cool bedroom reliving the gaming show today.  It was hot, but a beautiful breeze was blowing and my parents wisely brought a big umbrella!  Shade and a breeze made for a happy Momma!  

 Lindsay is so comfortable on her horse Sandy.  They are a good team.  They had a good day together.  3 second places, 1 fourth place, 1 sixth place and Reserve Champion.

 We have had Liberty for almost 2 weeks now.  She has never done gaming shows.  Ever.  And as her previous owner out grew her she had been loved on but not ridden for about a year.

 Here they are headed to the polls for Poll Bending.  You ride to the other end as fast as you can, weave in and out of the polls, turn go back through the polls and then ride back as fast as you can!  They did really well.  Rachel and Liberty ended up with 1 fourth place ribbon and 2 sixth place ribbons.  Considering it was basically a training day for Liberty they did amazingly well.

Here she is coming out of the arena.  Her friend Grace is on the white pony in the pink shirt.  Grace and her sister Rosemary are Rachel and Sarah's best friends.  It was so fun to have the girls there with their ponies.  In between turn competing they had a blast riding around the track together!  Today made Sarah realize that she does want to get into riding.  She has been intimidated by our bigger horses and got nipped a few times so she was afraid for a while.  Now she has been riding more and once Liberty is settled in, Sarah can ride her a bit.  The ponies are much more Sarah's speed.

 Rachel and Liberty doing barrels - 

 Lindsay and Sandy doing barrels...they took second place!

 I love to watch them enjoy the fun of competing with their horses.

 Here is Grace on her pony Lobelia.  Lobelia is 30 years old!  She is still going strong!  They won lots of ribbons today too!

 This is a fun game they play.  That is an egg and they have to balance it on a plastic spoon while they ride, trying not to drop the egg.   They will call out for them to walk, trot or canter, reverse etc...until one rider is left with their egg.  Lindsay came in second in this event!

 Here is Rosemary, the sister of Grace, the friend of Rachel and Sarah.  Her pony is so cute and her name is Tenacity.  Rosemary is a very good rider, really confident.  Ten has some strong willed tendencies and Rosie handles her well!

 Lindsay and Sandy with their ribbons, minus one.

 Poor Liberty is wondering what she has gotten herself into...

Rachel and Liberty showing off their ribbons.  

It was a great day today.  They had fun, learned a lot and are looking forward to the next one in September!


  1. Wow!! I'm so proud of my cousins! Way to go girls!

  2. And then there were two....two girls and their Horse/ponies. So nice that Rachel has her own....I'll bet Sarah will do well when she loses her fear. A pony would seem less intimidating to me too.

  3. I really enjoyed seeing all these pictures and reading your thoughts and descriptions of the day.

    Especially the one where Liberty is wondering what she got herself into. LOL! (o:

  4. Praise the Lord I am so happy how he answers prayers and gives the desires of your heart even though I don't deserve it!Referring to the home He has placed Liberty in. You don't know the joy in my heart seeing Liberty and Rachel having fun together. We are cheering them both on from the other side of PA! Liberty has never done any type of showing. With Linday as her teacher and Rachel as her partner I look forward to see all the fun adventure the Lord has instore for them. Thank you so much for posting the updates. It truly does bring me joy.Tell Lindsay & Rachel I said great job. I also enjoy seeing them as sisters enjoying each other.I know that is pleasing to the Lord :O)

  5. What a great day! Tell the girls congratulations! I know it took a lot of hard work to learn everything they have learned! Way to go girls!!

  6. Way to go girls! How exciting. So sorry we missed it. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them compete last September, and plan to be there this September. So neat to see Liberty just fitting right into the family, and Grace's pony is beautiful. Special girls and their horses:)


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