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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

For This I Will Praise You

In the busyness of my daily life, I have to work hard to be in 'the moment' - to take the time to pay attention to my children, my husband, our guests....

Yesterday we had a home economics class here for Rachel and Sarah and two of their friends.  The girls were working on sewing skills by making a simple skirt.

They did really great - cutting out their fabric, sewing them up, learning to use the seam ripper, finishing their projects.  I'm really proud of them.

 Each of the girls, chose fabric that was as unique as each of them are.

 Our friends Mama is beautiful too, isn't she?

 Their grandma was visiting this weekend, and she came along to encourage the girls and help out.  

As usual this one was so dramatic while sewing!  She loves the creativity but wants to do everything perfectly at all you can imagine how that went!  LOL!

I'll show you photos next week of all the girls together in their skirts.  They are waiting until the Sunday we get back from Florida to wear them to church.  

As is usual in our home it was a revolving door Monday - Emma and Kyle went to help some folks from her work do yard work and clean up at another co-workers home.  Tim went to the church (in the morning - he had to go to work at 4:00pm) to help with tearing out a wall to expand the sanctuary.  Our friends came for the Home Ec class, our friend Denny came over.  Later in the afternoon as the girls were finishing up their skirts, our other friends came by for my friend Amy to give Sarah her piano lesson.

My friend who was here with her girls for sewing, said to her mother in law, "It's always busy here.  I love that."  I smiled.

I love it too, and we are happy to allow the Lord to use our home to be a blessing to others.

In the evening, the seamstresses headed home, the piano lesson was over, and we settled in for a movie night.  Lindsay is in the middle of a courtship with a fine young man, Joseph and he came for the movie.  It is fun to see them enjoy spending time together.  They are very similar in interests and temperament.

Tonight they went to dinner and I snapped some photos before they left.

Pardon my iPhone photos.  I went to use my regular camera and just as I went to snap a picture, the battery died.  But I guess the excitement and happiness is evident anyway.

We are happy for them.

This afternoon I sat in the shade of some trees in our backyard with my Momma and Daddy and enjoyed watching my son and my granddaughter playing together.  

It is these moments that I take in, and hold in my heart.  It is these moments that, along with the Psalmist, I am lead to praise.  I thank God for His grace to us, and for joy in the midst of our very real lives that can be challenging.  


  1. more than wonderful, all of it. your sewing circle brought back memories when we did that very thing. love the updated pictures of the courting couple, and your son and grand daughter are adorable. :) what a nice post.

  2. A very wonderful newsy post. Loved it and all the pictures. Yes, that mom is beautiful...inside and out. We are blessed to be surrounded by lovely ladies who love Jesus so much.
    Lindsay and Joseph are just too cute.

  3. Oh so much to say in one comment...

    I have been catching up on what I've missed this morning, and I am completely delighted by post after post. I love this one, especially the fact that you call them the traditional (and in my view correct) term "seamstress" instead of "sewer". When people use that term I am always a bit gobstruck that they don't realize how it's spelled, LOL.

    This made me think of the day that I spent making a dress with my own mother, grandmother, and a dear friend of my mom there to talk me through a few glitches. I still think of it if I set a sleeve because that's what we were doing that day. (Not that I set a sleeve all that often these days, but still...)

    I loved the shot of the courting couple where he is looking at her. That was just sweet to me.

    Totally enjoyed my time here this morning!!

  4. Beautiful times to cherish! I love staying busy and making memories:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. If I were to name this post, I'd call it "Joy"...because joy comes through in every part! The joy of friendship, the joy of learning, the joy of a courting couple, the joy of family, the joy of service! (And I just noticed that "joy" is one of your labels.) :)

    May you continue to find joy in Him!

  6. How telling is it that they learned to use the seam ripper? Perhaps you should change the name of your home to Grand Central Cottage...nah, it doesn't have the right ring to it. Cute courting couple you've got there!

  7. You have such a gift for hospitality-it's not surprising you almost need a revolving door.

    Love the pictures-especially the bottom one of Lindsay and Joseph-and the one of Kamryn is so cute! She sure is growing up fast!


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