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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

In Recovery Mode

I've decided that we are in recovery mode.  

                                                       Beautiful red tulips that were a gift from Nate and Kay for Easter.

Life here at the cottage is generally busy, but not whirlwind busy like we've been this past week.  I love a whirlwind, but thankful it isn't the norm.  I woke up before my alarm today, but if it wasn't for the fact that Kamryn would be arriving soon, I would have turned that alarm off and I would still be sleeping!

She has arrived before when I was getting ready for the day back in my bedroom and never heard them arrive.  Since I wasn't in the living room, my son assumed we were still in bed, so he got Kamryn set up with a movie on the Kindle and left for work.  When I came out a few minutes later, she was on the couch watching her movie!  So, I am sure that if I had gone back to sleep she would have been fine, but she is also a little girl who thinks she is all grown up and who knows what she may have decided to do?  It was much better for me to get up and stay up!

I'm still sleepy, but I did manage to make scrambled eggs with ham, and I made Kamryn 'honey pizza.'  

Honey pizza is simply bread with peanut butter and honey on it.  Kamryn used to only want to eat pizza, but we didn't always have pizza and we wanted her to have something healthy.  So we just made this with natural peanut butter and local raw honey and called it 'honey pizza.'  She loves it and requested it this morning.

We had a relaxed, easy day yesterday.  Tim was off from work and after we saw Emma and her friends off, we got a lot accomplished but at an easy pace.  One thing Tim did was go pick up a new to us couch that a sweet couple in our church were giving away.  It is an Ethan Allen couch that they had recovered a few years ago.  

 It is reading a bit brighter red than it really is.  

This is the pattern up close and the true color is like the tone at the top of this photo, more of a burgundy. It goes very well in my house and it is very comfortable!

Rachel's cold is a bit better.  She is coughing still, though not as much and she seems more chipper.  

It's been quiet-ish in blogland lately.  I am thankful for all who visit here and comment.  You make my day!


  1. Love the tulips! Lovely color...
    Nice blog!

  2. Exactly! I love the hustle-bustle for a while and then am more than ready to return to "normal." Oh that is a wonderful gift! I like the pattern and the color. Kamryn sounds like such a good little girl watching her movie and waiting patiently. Honey pizza, eh? Hmmm...I must try that!

  3. I have a twinge of "couch envy"! (A couple of years ago, I decided we didn't need a couch and sold the one we had. I really DO miss it lately....

    I like the honey pizza idea!

  4. I like that couch! This may seem odd but your friend who makes candles------does she sell them? The reason I ask is we will be in Lititz in June and I am looking for local goods to bring home with me.

    Lee Ann

    1. Hi Lee Ann!

      My friend Becky does sell her candles, and Back Home Again in Lititz carries them! They are wonderful candles, you'll love them!

  5. Oh, Recovery Mode is a great plan! A blitz of activity and busyness is perfectly complemented by some restorative down time. I think it makes one more productive overall.

    What a lovely weekend you had! (I don't think that I commented on your Easter Day post...I am behind in all things blog-related!) Time with your loved ones (including Emma!), time with friends, a wonderful meal, music, fellowship, worship, celebration of His resurrection...all good things and gifts from His hand!

  6. I'm sure you must be a bit tired after a whirlwind week! Your new couch does look so comfy and that's high on my list of requirements, also long enough to stretch out for a nap!


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