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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Purging My Closet

This has not been done for a while, and though I am no clothes horse, my space is full.

Part of the issue is that my mind can't quite wrap itself around the fact that I can't wear most of these clothes.  They are too big.  It's that whole mind catching up to new reality thing.

But as I got dressed today in a t-shirt that now is quite roomy, I decided it is time.  I know that I'll probably keep a few things, but the majority of it, well, its time to go.

I'm looking forward to a more tidy space, too.

What are you doing today?


sherry said...

one day i'll follow you in your purge of 'too big' clothes. :)
today i'm working at the shop - looking forward to the buzz of
customers and working with a treasured vendor.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Have an excellent day! I wish I could work alongside you! It would be so much fun!


podso said...

The cleaning out of your closet must be kind of a celebration! Good, good for you! And that is amazing about your glasses in previous post!

Vee said...

Must make way for the new! Any chance of taking in any of your favorites?

Rebecca said...

I'm SO happy for you! (And I'll bet new glass frames will REALLY make a difference in your appearance! You're a NEW woman!) Keep it up.

Cheryl said...

I can't relate...but I have seen Kati go through the same sort of purge...twice! It was hard for her to believe that all these clothes did not fit, but she ended up giving away a bunch. Then a couple of months later, more clothes were just hanging on her.

Fit is so important. Too small or too big...neither is flattering! Have fun adding some new smaller-sized pieces to your wardrobe!!

Ginny said...

I need to finish going through my clothes. I started many months ago, then other things took my attention away from my closet. Now that we're changing seasons again, the time has come. I just wish I had the same problem you do, but alas, I need to get rid of clothes that are too small. :(

Sue said...

~Smiling and relating so much about the weight loss, I had a hard time adjusting to my weight loss too, it took me awhile to purge my closet of the larger size clothes, since I had been a yo yo dieter most of my adult life, so after two years i decided the weight would stay off and purged! For a while I hid them in an upstairs closet, lol.It was hard for me to realize that had I lost weight all over, even in my feet!

You look "Marvelous Darling," congratulations stay healthy, and enjoy this journey!
So sorry for my lack of blogging much has been happening around here that has kept me from blogging, but hope to get back soon.


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