Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kyle Update

This is a picture of Kyle and his Grandma, which was taken yesterday. He loves to sit on her lap and lay back and have her sing to him. Sometimes he sings along.

Kyle has taken to pulling himself around on the floor. He loves to play with his cars. He occupies himself quite well, most of the time!

Yesterday we decided it was time to start decorating his cast.

When we saw the orthopedic Doctor last week, he was very pleased with how his leg is healing, and said we may be able to get the cast of early! So hopefully only 2 weeks left to go!


  1. Oh my!! The first picture, I thought it was N8!!! Wow!!

    Well he looks like he's doing very well. I can tell by his smile! I can't sign his cast but have E put Auntie Peeg somewhere!!! With a pink flower!


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