Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I love this artwork by Susan Winget. It reminded me of my recent purchase of strawberry plants. I have been wanting to grow strawberries for years now. When I was growing up I hated strawberries, what was wrong with me? Living where we live we have access to such wonderful produce from small roadside stands, but I want to grow my own. I love to make strawberry jam and it will be so convenient to have them in my own garden. I can't wait to step outside my door and pick a few strawberries. I know I will have to do it early in the day or I will be competing with my kids! On second thought, there may not be enough strawberries left for jam, I may have to go to the fruit stand anyway!


  1. You could mix strawberries and the other berries on the edge of your property...

    I love strawberries!!! They have some farms (yes, farms) around here with them and oh, they are so so good. I can't wait for PA fruit!!!!! 2 1/2 Months to go!!!

  2. I really would like, apple trees and some peach trees too!



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