Monday, April 9, 2007

A Terrific Tribute to Home Educating Mothers

I read this article and had to smile. It reminds me why I am home educating my children. Be encouraged home educators!


  1. This comment is in reference to the author of the article only...

    I am a stay at home mom. I care for my children and my children love to be at home with their mom and dad and they are 16, 18,& 20. I have a son who is married who still calls me mommy and who I can see using the values we instilled in him. I am not a home school parent and my children went to Public school,The one still does.
    One thing my children have is their own choices now, to weigh the opinions of the world. They have a foundation and they also have their own choice in their values. We can guide them and give them advice but we also have to let them find their own way. And if they fall, they fall and we can pray to our Lord to see them get back up. And this is all by raising our children in a Godly home and public school. Stay at home mom's can love their husbands, and make a good dinner and teach their children.

    But one thing we teach our children that the article did not address is that we teach our children to pray for women like Hillary, To mourn the loss of Anna Nicole and her son. Why? Because for Hillary there is still hope for her heart to come to know the Lord. And why Anna Nicole, because she didn't. But we can still pray that her child will. I see alot of condemnation and not alot of grace and prayer for the people of the world. Prayer changes lives. If we did more praying for these Politicians and people of this world our hearts would soften towards them and we would be more compassionate towards them.
    Yes this author is correct, but the home schooled homes aren't the only ones with God as the center and Godly values and success stories...
    This is my opinion and not meant to offend any reader of this blog. Just my take on the article...

  2. Hey Miss Paula,

    Thanks for what you said. You are right, the focus of the home is key. Raising our children up to love the Lord, and to learn to make the values we teach them their own. Home educating does not guarantee that.

    My only desire in posting this link to the article was to encourage my HS mom friends. Often they don't get alot of encouragement and sometimes are left to feel that they are not doing anything of importance or value.

    I would assume that is true of most stay at home mom's as well.

    Your kids are terrific Miss Paula, and I dearly love each one. You and your DH have done a wonderful job!

    I am not offended in the least by your post!

  3. Great!! I was just posting to say that yes there are some of us out here that don't homeschool but do raise our children in a Godly homes. And for some out there that do homeschool, I think it would be encouraging to know that there are Godly families out in the world.
    Thanks for letting me share!!


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