Monday, April 23, 2007

My Husband's Saturday Project

When we first looked at our cottage, before purchasing it, it was quite a wreck. Structurally it was sound, but the house had been treated roughly. Originally, the house had a sliding door from the kitchen out onto the deck. When we came back to sign the agreement to purchase the house, it was gone and in it's place was a regular door and some wood to fill in the sides!

We have always wanted to put a slider in there but with so many things to do around here, it was low on the priority list. Well finally, we did it!
We are loving the results. The sunshine and fresh air it allows in is amazing and we still get surprised when we come into the room!


  1. Your doors are very nice. It looks so bare in the backyard. Did you clear more out or have the leaves not filled in yet??

  2. We have cleared out the pasture where the horses are. The bareness comes from some trees being taken down, the wild cherries are bad for horses, but mostly it comes from all the brush and undergrowth being cleared.

    Now you can see our beautiful white birch trees and a few sycamores!

    Oh and yes they do not have leaves yet either!

  3. So it will be all new scenery inside and out when we come!


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