Monday, April 16, 2007

My Living Room/Kitchen

I painted my living room/kitchen this weekend. Our living room and kitchen, including our dining room table is all in one space. It had been 5 years since it had been painted, and it really needed it! The old color was called "Frontier Tan". It was ok, it was neutral, but we decided to make this very well used area in our cottage warmer and more welcoming.

This is a picture of my "Old Country Roses" variation tea cups, with the old wall color.

This is the same space in our house with the new color. It doesn't show it very well here. It is not this pale.

This is part of the space over our kitchen cabinets with the old color.

This is the same space with the new color.

It is so interesting how the color looks different in the same room, depending on how the light is. The color is the exact match to the color sample card. I can hold it up at different places in the room, and it blends right in.

Of course the walls aren't the only thing that got painted. You know how it goes, if you paint one thing everything else looks dirty etc. We planned for this, buying the trim and ceiling paint when we got the wall paint. What made me tired was trying to get it all done this weekend; our kitchen and living room walls, the doors and trim in the same space plus our hallway trim and doors, and the ceiling in those spaces as well! No wonder I am tired!

I cannot take all the credit however. My older girls ( 13 and 15 years old) are so helpful to me. Taping, cutting in, doing some rolling. They even made food and entertained the little ones outside for along time. What would I do without them!


  1. I just love the entry way picture!! Give me a nice chair and a good book and I am there!!!

    What great helpers you have!! It's nice to just be able to work and not have to stop in the middle and cook or see about the little ones.

    I can't wait to see the new Cottage!!

  2. Hi Aunt Deanna,
    The walls look great with that color. That was a huge job to do in one weekend!

  3. Thank you for the complements! I forgot to say that my new color is a Williamsburg color we got at our local True Value hardware store, called "Palace Chambers Yellow." The kind man even scanned the color and mixed it into the less expensive paint. It is an exact match to the color card.

    I can't wait for you to come Miss Paula, and Melissa I wish I could see pictures of what you did to your room at your mom's.


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