Friday, April 20, 2007

Tea Thoughts

Years ago, I was introduced to the books by Emilie Barnes and then went to a seminar of hers. I found a kindred spirit. It was she who encouraged me to create a Spirit of Loveliness and to take Tea.
Over the years I began to collect tea cups and tea pots, and to use them! I have purchased tea cups for my daughters, they have bought them for me, and so has my husband! I have some favorites like my Old Country Roses tea pot, creamer and sugar bowl, and my collection of the Old Country Roses variation tea cups. I own alot of tea cups, and I use them daily, I take them to use at peoples homes, or at meetings. Tea tastes better in a real tea cup vs. a foam cup!
I would be sad if one got broken but they are just things. People are more important. I have noticed that many ladies these days, feel uncomfortable with nice things or pretty things. They have not been brought up using them. They think they are for special occassions only, and then don't know what to do with them! I like making people feel special by using real tea cups. I can't tell you the comments I get, as if I had done something so amazing, when all I did was get tea cups out of my hutch!
I love to share tea with my family, friends, and others!


  1. I remember drinking tea out of your tea cups watching "Emma"!!

    What a divine afternoon we had!

    Oh Emma is a pill, but in the end we all love her as we love all of Jane Austen's ladies...well I don't know about Kittie!!

  2. Kitty is just foolish and easily lead, it is that Lydia Bennett that is foolish and delights in it!

    What do you say we try out a new tea place when your mom is here?

  3. You are correct. I meant Lydia!! I heard her giggling and saw her curls when I wrote that....
    What's the name of the Tea place? Maybe is has a web-site?


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