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My garden is growing so beautifully this year that I wanted to share some pictures with you.

These are my glorious peonies - I do not know the name of them, but they are beautiful and smell like old fashioned roses.

These are one of my Irises. They are so huge. I have separated over and over again. This is inside my picket fencing in front of our cottage. You can barely see my birdbath, tucked in among the feverfew. I think I need a new place for it!

These dianthus are new to my garden this year. I have found that they will last for several years and then tend to die out, so I bought some more.

This is one of the places I transplanted Irises. They are thriving in my gardens.

When we bought our sweet cottage, there were few plants and no trees in the front. We planted two "Red Sunset Maples." After six years they are a decent size and host a bird feeder. We can see this feeder from our front window, and enjoy seeing who is having a meal.

This photo was taken with my back to the bird feeder. You can see my Zephirine Drouhin Bourbon climbing rose through the fence.

Here is a close up of it poking through the fence. Something has been nibbling on the leaves. It is too early for Japanese Beetles and I haven't seen aphids so.....any ideas?

Here is a shrub by our creek. It is very like a Viburnum but no scent. I love its white blooms in this shady spot. If you look carefully, you can see our horse trailer, and my husband's stack of firewood.

Also along the creek, more Irises and some hosta not in bloom.

Hosta, Daylilies, Disobedient plant and a plant that I don't know the name of! My friend gave me some from her garden, but she didn't know the name either! It grows about 6 feet tall with lovely golden flowers. I am continuing my search to find out what it is! It is a great cutting flower, as it lasts for a long time when cut.

More Iris. Do you see the large rocks in both pictures? My husband dug them out of the horse pasture last weekend, and placed them in these flower beds. They look great!

Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit to my gardens. When the flower beds in the back of the house start to bloom, I will be sure to show those as well!


  1. Oh wow! That was so pretty! You've made a beutiful garden! I love all the flowers.

  2. Very pretty!! And lots of shade!

  3. Very Pretty. All of your hard work is paying off... big time! You'll have to make sure Susan comes over to see...
    I love, love, love my peony cutting! Thank you!

    Becky K.


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