Friday, May 16, 2008

A Meme

Miss Paula posted a fun meme on her blog:

Fun Answers

I am: A joyful wife and mother!

I think: constantly! There is always something going on in my mind! :o )

I know how to: sew

I want: to learn to knit

I hate: to see people sacrifice their constitutionally given rights, such as their parental rights. see

I miss: my grandma

I fear: that my children will have a harder time raising their families than I have had.

I feel: so blessed to know the Lord and to be raising these children he has given us!

I hear: my kids putting away clean dishes and laughing and giggling about something!

I smell: strawberries and cream!

I crave: coca cola

I search for: Big Stick popsicles but they don't have them anywhere near where I live! boo hoo

I regret: let my weight get out of hand!

I love: my husband, children and all of our family

I ache: sometimes my arm hurts alot

I care: for my friends

I always: read! All the time!

I am not: an unhappy person

I believe: I God!

I sing: often - we have a song for everything! hee hee

I cry: at sad movies

I fight: for homeschool freedoms, and parental freedom

I win: (sometimes) when I play Rook

I lose: pounds (hopefully as I make better choices and exercise)

I never: wear a mini skirt!

I listen: to talk radio and cd's in my van

I am scared: snakes!

I need: Encouragement

I am happy about: My home - we love it and loving using it to bless others.

I hope: that whoever is elected president next, will not be able to get much done to "change" our country!


  1. How fun!!! Why does your arm hurt??
    Oh I listen to talk radion also!! hee hee

    This was a fun one!

  2. Did u mean you go it from me?? I am confused! haha

  3. Just kidding, she posted too!!! haha I will have to see how I can send big sticks to ya....we have some in our frezzer now! :/

  4. I don't think I can mail you the Popsicles :( without them melting... but I just bought those same ones :)


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