Kitten Update

Elizabeth Bennet gave birth to 5 kittens today, all tabbys, 2 bobtails, 1 female. One of the males, the second born kitten whom the girls named Mr. Elton, had some issues from birth and this evening went to be with his Creator as all good clergymen do.

Sarah got to name the first one and she chose "Mary". I do not know whether she meant Mary Bennet or not, but it is in keeping with our tendency to choose names from Jane Austen novels. We do have a Captain Wentworth as well. The other two names have not been decided, as of yet.

So far Lizzie is a good mother and Mr.Knightley is leaving them alone. Lizzie and Knightley have always been close, grooming one another etc... so I do not anticipate any paternal issues.

They are very cute kittens and I will try to post photos soon.


  1. I was petting this very special Mother on Saturday, was I not?

    How precious...I'll tell Beau that he is an Uncle.

    Becky K.

  2. That sounds great. Sorry to hear about Mr. Elton.

  3. Thomas! How cute!
    I loved the comment you left me the other day! I thought that was the sweetest thing that Kyle talks about elijah even though they've never met!


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