I Have A New Camera!

Saturday, my sweetheart went to buy mower blades and a new clock radio. He asked me if I needed anything. I said "I need a new camera." He came home with mower blades and a new camera for me! Huzzah!

He dropped in at Radio Shack and they had this one on clearance. It is 8.2 Mega Pixels and also takes video with sound! This is a good thing as our video camera is mysteriously missing. Which is very sad, because the case has all the tapes of the kids etc...

I am now back as a real blogger - I have a camera to post photos!

Thanks, Sweetheart and thank you Economic Stimulous Check!


  1. What a nice hubby! We are pondering on what we will do with our check, hmmm....Glad you will be able to take and post pics now!! :)

  2. YEA!!!!! A new camera!!! We get to see pictures now!!! YIPEE!!!! Now you can take a picture of Sarah and her new glasses!

  3. That's great! I'm looking forward to seeing all the pictures you take!


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