All My Bags Are Packed....

But I am not ready to go!

As much fun as I am going to have, my heart is here with my sweet family. I am going to miss my little boy climbing into our bed and rubbing my arm in the morning. I am going to miss my little girl and her great imagination. I am going to miss my big girlies too, they are my dear friends. I can't even begin to say how much I am going to miss my bestest friend Tim. He has been working lots of overtime to pay for Rachel and I to go. Thank you my love!

Once I go, I will be fine. Really. Rachel and I will get to make memories together and with my parents with whom we are traveling. We get to go and eat fabulous Mexican food! We get to see Cayden and play with him! We get to be at my niece's wedding...I remember the day she was born, now she will be a wife. Wow! I get to hug my brother and Paula and hang with Evan and Kaitlin. I might even get to go to lunch with Alicia!

Pray for smooth flying and for a really special time in California! Thanks!


  1. The Ventura coast still looks like your picture!!!


    love Jill

  3. Oh, i know how you feel! Excited but sad to leave your precious family behind even for a short time!

  4. Have a wonderful, wonderful time!

  5. I'm a bit north of where you're headed but still w/in the state so please glance north and wave cuz I'm waving too and maybe we'll see each other wave and all will be that much more pleasant on the left coast. ;o)

    Have a delightful time, I'm sure you will.

    jAne * tickleberry farm

  6. Enjoy this time, my dear friend.

    See you when you get back!


  7. I hope you have smooth flight and Iknow you'll have a wonderful time!



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