Saturday, November 7, 2009

What We've Been Up To Lately

In having older and younger children, it is fun and interesting to see the influence the older ones have on the younger. Lindsay and Emily are often found with their cameras taking photos and now the youngest one has gotten in on the act.

These photos were taken by Kyle last week. It is interesting to note the things that he thought to photograph and also to see the house from his perspective!

Notice that the back of the chair is above his eye level. I don't know that I have ever seen the hall way from this angle before!

He must have really liked the view of the hallway...

Here is the piano...

Here is his foot. He gets this technique from Emily - she is an expert at taking photos of her own feet - on purpose!

This is a shot of Kyle's bedroom floor. He painted that last week, too, and must have been taken with how it looked with blocks, books, and other things on the floor! You never know when inspiration will strike!

We went to a huge craft store a few weeks ago and the girls couldn't resist having fun with some of the items in the store.

Lindsay models the latest in sun god wall hangings.

Rachel trying out new accessories to her wardrobe...

" Em, your not supposed to pout with 'you know who' standing right next to you!"

We spent a Sunday afternoon at the park with some friends...

The main attraction was the ultimate frisbee...I think they must be discussing strategy but Rachel looks like she is pestering Mikey again...

We made a trip to Longwood. Rachel and Sarah did a class there with kids from our co-op.

They have been highlighting pollinators all year - these are bees made from mums! They look awesome in the conservatory!

Inside the conservatory - Rachel took these photos.

This is a 'Thousand Flower Chrysanthemum' however it only has 750 flowers on it. It is one plant with that many flowers on it, not multiple plants to achieve that look.

Beautiful Water Lilies outside.

This was my view from the chair I sat on to read. Remember how I told you I had a whole hour to myself?

This was also my view, just looking the other direction. Can you understand why we love Longwood so much?

Rachel and Sarah with their friends Grace and Rosie - two sets of sisters, one group of friends!

Last but not least, I leave you with the girls who came for a birthday party of horseback riding. Lindsay did her first party today and it went so well - it was chilly and so we made a fire in the fire pit and I brought out hot chocolate and marshmallows to be toasted over the fire! Happy Birthday Liesel! Hope you had a ton of fun!

What have you been up to lately?


  1. It is all about the eye of the beholder isn't it?
    I love the photos from a 'lower' perspective.
    Great post,

  2. When you review your past few weeks this way...they look packed. Great review. It looks like the girls had a fun birthday party...I am so glad Lindsay is getting to do more and more.

    Becky K.

  3. Hahaha, good pictures of the young'uns! And a visit to beloved Longwood Garden - be still my heart! Thanks for bringing back sweet memories of our visit there about a decade ago!

  4. Love Kyle's pics. His painting is pretty fantastic, too, especially for his age.

    That mum is incredible. I never would have guessed it to be only one plant.

    I giggled at the shots of your girls in the store. Lindsay is the sunshine of your life, I bet. ;-)

  5. Karen,

    You should see all the crazy pictures they took - Emily is a real nut! They are lots of fun these girls!

  6. Hey mom you did not do the picture of Emma and the Frog... Emma really thought he would change in to a Prince.


  7. OH I LOVE the pics Kyle took!! Such a great perspective at his height!! He did a great job on his painting too!! I can see his development just in that one painting!

  8. It's interesting to see things from his perspective! You forget about things like that.

    Those bees made from mums are so fabulous!! What an amazing place. The huge mum is just out of this world! I've never seen anything like that - so cool! What a fun place!


  9. Wow! The pictures Kyle took are so close to the ground, love the perspective. And the ones at the craft place are so funny!


  10. How do you know the "Thousand Flower Chrysanthemum" only has 750 flowers; did you actually count them all? lol

    Great photos from your whole family!


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