Getting A Tree

We set off this morning to our usual place to find a tree and cut it down!  Here you can see several of our shadows as we survey the trees.

Lindsay and Tim discussing the pros and cons of a tree...

Rachel and Tim on the hunt....

Sarah looking and looking....

Kyle with his funny hat - I think he likes this tree...

We discussed the good points of many trees...

And settled on a new kind for us...not sure what kind it is...a fir of some sort...Some thought it would be too small, some thought it was too narrow...


It is perfect in our house – tall – it still needs to have the top trimmed and our star put on top – and not too wide!  Very pretty.


  1. It looks lovely with all those lights!

  2. What fun to go pick out your tree! Haven't done that in years! You picked a winner.

  3. Beautiful! We have always cut our trees together as part of our family tradition and it has always been such a good time:>)


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