So Much To Do

Last night I did not feel too well....I had some indigestion and it hung around 'til the wee hours of the morning.

I also have been having a lot of sinus issues lately. I use a neti pot every day with salt water and it really does help. I bought one for Tim several years ago, because he was suffering from sinus infections several times a year and now never gets one. He finds he only needs to use it once a week, unless he feels like he is getting a cold, then he uses it everyday.

So today I feel better but tired and I have headache. I am leaving on Wednesday for California and I need to pick up some items for my trip and teach school and take Sarah to piano today...

I don't have time to not feel well. There - I will just refuse to be unwell. Think it will work?

Seriously, I am praying, and I am asking you to pray for me as well.....


  1. The Neti-pot has made a huge difference for me, too. I use it more like Tim does but the relief it provides is such a blessing.

    Just prayed for you and asked God to restore your health and help you get everything done that is needed before your trip.

    In case I don't comment before you go, I hope you have a great time in CA!

  2. Oh dear...and then you had all of that company last evening....Mine had a great time.

    I am going to the chiropractor tomorrow for a huge lump in my neck. I asked Warren to rub it yesterday and he ordered me to call his new chiropractor. I think it had something to do with the migraine a couple of weeks ago.
    Arrgh...I know what you mean...we don't have time for this stuff!


  3. Oh my these little bugs are certainly on the loose lately. I will pray along with you my friend. Take care and enjoy a lovely trip.



  4. We are excited to see you all soon!!!!


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