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Our church has been watching materials from Voice of the Martyrs in our Sunday School classes, the past two weeks.

This past week we watched a video of Richard Wurmbrand speaking in a church. The message was excellent and one of the stories he told has stayed with me. He was telling the story of a beautiful young Russian woman who was a Christian and was arrest for this. She was beaten and tortured repeatedly. During the breaks that the torturers would take she would talk to them. During one such time, as she shared with this particular man, she was able to lead him to the Lord! He even insisted that she baptize him and then he released her from prison.

Richard made a comment during the midst of this story that has impacted me - he said that God loves the world, we wonder how God could allow these things to happen to Christians, but since the world won't come to where they can hear about Christ, God sends Christians to them! This young woman didn't enjoy being beaten but she had a love for them because God loved them! This enabled her to share her faith with them.

I am paraphrasing this badly, but it has lead to me to realize that the frustrating situations we find ourselves in sometimes, or difficult people God has placed in our lives is so that we can come into contact with others who don't know Christ. It has made me realize that God wants me to stop being self oriented "I wish I didn't have to deal with this" and to start looking for the opportunities to share Him with others. Sometimes it is through a verbal opportunity to witness to someone you may never meet again, other times it is longer term relationships.

So to make a long story short, I am going to start looking at the situations God allows in my life, as an opportunity to be God's hands or voice. I know He will need to remind me about this - it's going to make for an interesting life.


  1. Yes, what journey will we each take today. I pray that I am open to the adventure to minister where ever I may be.

  2. You look and He will surely provide those opportunities...

    These Sunday School Lessons have been excellent!

    Becky K

  3. I needed this reminder as well, it goes hand in hand with the message I heard on Sunday morning!

    The VOM has been a great eye opener and resource for us over the years in our family, I would highly recommend you get the book by Sabina Wurmbrand called "The Pastor's Wife" as well as Richard Wurmbrand's book "Tortured for Christ".


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