Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I am going to be a Grandmother. When I look in the mirror, I don't look like a grandma! My parents were actually younger than I am when they became grandparents for the first time.

Our son is going to be a daddy. We believe that all children are a gift from the Lord and that He makes no mistakes. The Lord has a purpose for this baby and for his mommy and daddy.

Psalm 139:16 - Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them.

Psalm 127:3 - Lo, children are a heritage from the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is His reward.

Hey, I'm going to be a Grandma! I'd better get knitting!


  1. Deanna,
    I KNOW that this baby will be blessed to have you as a grandma. Congratulations.

  2. You will be an awesome grandma and wonderful support to them! That grand baby is blessed to have YOU!!!

    God has a plan!

  3. so would that make the baby and me second cousins i dont get that whole thing ha ha but congrats aunty dee

  4. Need a rocking chair? lol

    Oh, this is going to be a fun ride!
    Can't wait until we know if it is pink or blue items that we are watching for...

  5. An innocent babe, welcoming by loving hearts and arms. So very precious and I'm so very touched to learn this news and how excited you are. :o)

    Bless you dearly as you all prepare for the birth of this sweet wee one.

    jAne at tickleberry farm

  6. Thank you all for your kind words of congratulations. All this does bring conflicting emotions because of the circumstances. However we are looking forward with joy to the birth of this baby.

    Kaitlin, I think that you and the baby will be first cousins, once removed since you and Nate are first cousins. I believe that is what Cayden is to my kids.

    I bought beautiful yarn last night and started a blanket!

  7. Congrats Grandma to be! Every child is a blessing!

  8. Are you going to knit the baby some soft sweet little hats too? Ethan looks so cute in the ones you made for him. I'm going to keep them and treasure them forever. =)

  9. I can't believe that I am an AUNTIE!
    Grandpa keeps calling me Auntie Em:o)
    Not really sure if I like that title

  10. You show such love, an unconditional love, to your children. I can only pray for that as I raise Cayden and other children that God blesses us with. You have Grace and poise in your mothering and I have watched you through the years display a true mothers love of having open arms. God will bless you for it and your reward will be great! As a new mom and even before I was a mom, I watch and observe and take in things that other moms do or have done, taking things I want to be and dont want to be, and I will say that the unconditional love that you display, that I have watched, is something I want to be and to have.

  11. Alicia,

    Thank you sweetheart for those precious words...I am sitting here with tears because of how blessed I am by what you have said.

    Thank you dearly. When I see you in a few weeks I am going to hug you big time! Maybe we can have lunch together!

  12. Congrats! So exciting and God's blessing on your expanding family. :O)

  13. It is from the heart and I was thinking about it all last night....lunch would be fun!!!

  14. You are a wonderful mother. I have learned much from watching you. Maybe I need to have another baby so I can teach what I have learned. No Wait. That was a senior moment. Ha Ha Seriously this baby will be loved and cared for and cuddled as the gift from the Lord that it is. I better put away the hat I have been knitting for months now and start something for the baby. How many months do I have to work on it? Love you.


  15. How exciting to become a Grandmother. I know I will be thrilled when that day comes. I love this song 'I belong' by Kathryn Scott.

  16. fairmaiden,

    Welcome to my blog! I have seen you over at jAne's blog and have enjoyed reading your comments. I know you are friends.

    Thanks for your kind words. I love that song as well....

  17. I know you will be an amazing, godly Grandma to this little one! No matter the circumstances, God has a special plan for this baby -- and he/she is blessed beyond measure to have a grandma like you and to be a part your family! What a treasure she/he is receiving by coming into this family!

  18. All life is from God and a gift from God. He can take any circumstance and turn it around for His glory. I am praying for you and for the parents of this beautiful new life. Yes, this child will truely be blessed to have you as his/her grandma. Many blessing to all of you!

  19. Dearest Deanna,

    Praise the Lord for this new blessing!
    I am so thankful for your friendship. You have been such a blessing to me through all these years. I know that this new baby is so blessed to have you for a grandma! I know that God will use these circumstances to be one of the biggest blessings in your life.
    You have such a godly attitude, full of grace. You are such an example to me and I wish I was there to give you a great big hug!!!

    I will continue to pray for you and your sweet family. Remember that God will never take you where His hand cannot hold you.

    Love you,



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