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First let me say Thanks for your prayers yesterday - I had a great day and besides normal craziness for a first day - co-op went great.

As I make my way through blogland daily I find so much encouragement. It is a blessing to find likeminded friends, keep up with family and learn about new things and meet new people.

As I have a huge grocery gathering day ahead of me, I thought I would share some of my favorite posts with you.

Brenda at Coffee, Tea, Books and Me has been reposting her past "Recession Ponderings." I am linking to #3 from yesterday but all of them are filled with such good things. Her blog is always an encouragement! If you leave a comment tell her you found her through my post!

Stacy at Your Sacred Calling has a good post on sharing your convictions without coming across as legalistic! You can find it here.

Miss Paula at Gathering of Friends is having a 900 post giveaway! Go see what she is giving away, and tell her congratulations! Tell her you found out about it from her sister in law!

Melissa at The Missionary Mama is celebrating the 1st birthday of our adorable great nephew - her second born son! Go wish Ethan a very happy birthday!

Tracy at Unless the Lord is doing a photo challenge today! Go see the awesome photos she has taken!

Well, I need to run, well, drive all over the county today. It is alot of work but I do enjoy this day out.


  1. She's second born son?


  2. Oops! Thanks for catching that Rach!

    I kept getting distracted while writing it...

  3. It was good to see you and your girls this morning...I expect to see a certain little chair on your blog in the near future!

  4. Thanks for the links...
    Have a great Lord's day..


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