Saturday, January 23, 2010

Felling Trees

The girls are busy today helping their dad fell some trees for our near neighbors and clearing a section of our own property. Our neighbors have some health issues and we are happy to be able to help them to remove some trees that have fallen. The section we are clearing has a huge walnut tree that was split three ways during a storm this past summer and a lot of over growth. We are clearing that area not only to make it look neater and tidy, but because we are going to plant fruit trees and do some raised garden beds in that area.

The girls aren't dressed quite like this young maiden in the painting, except for Sarah perhaps, but they do have a knight keeping an eye on them - their Dad! He is manning the chain saw and they are hauling wood, driving the truck, putting brush on a big burn pile...They are a good crew for their Dad and he is so grateful for their willing, cheerful help. Also, Jonathan from Hospitality Lane is making his way here to lend his considerable strength and helpfulness. We are thankful for the willingness on his part to give up a Saturday to lend a hand.

My job is to keep the coffee hot, have hot water available for cocoa, make sure there is a nice, hot lunch and generally be available. I also have some laundry to fold, and I am hoping to clean my floors. However that may need to wait until after dinner, when they will be done tracking mud and dirt etc, into the house!

What are you doing this weekend? Do tell!


  1. My husband is joing some from our church working at a Rescue Mission--I have to stay home...having lots of pain back in surgery foot and could not stand for hours.....
    that's okay--always things to do at home and pray for him as he serves for both of us...and with my blessing...and of course, I am reading a Grace Livingston Hill you read her?

  2. ----oh and church activities tomorrow...also been thinking of cutting my hair?

  3. I think it's great that your families have one another, as I already told Becky. Good for your family for helping your neighbors.

    Your job sounds very important!

  4. Deby,

    Your work is very important too, and I am so happy to see that you view your husbands ministry today as working for you both! I do read Grace Livingston Hill...I have a box of books around somewhere, that have several of her books in it. I need to find them. I love her desciptions of home life etc...

    I am so thankful for my important job - I know it means so much to my husband to have me preparing for them when they come in for rest and nourishment! We do feel so blessed to have our church family, they are dear friends to us.

  5. Busy Saturday for you guys. We hung out at home Saturday. Today we went to church in the morning. Then my nephew's 30 b-day party. I was 7 when he was born. He was my real baby doll to play with. Poor kid. LOL. Then we have evning church and choir practice.

  6. It was wonderful to see you on my blog. I have been posting less and less on the beautiful womanhood board as well. Some things just need to make room for more time for family.

    This weekend has been wonderful. Saturday was just a normal day with cleaning, knitting, preparing for the baby and taking Joseph to his very first birthday party.
    Sunday of course started with church. We had a community breakfast afterwards. Then I went to Joann's to get some foam to make the new matrass for the heirloom bassinet that Michael too will sleep in. I needed to pick up some stuff at the dollar store as well, and then there was a short nap. Afterwards I went grocery shopping and was inspired by a bouquet of flowers to do a whole lot of tidying, reorganizing and prettying up.
    I've also been working on the birth announcement. Busy but good days.

  7. I was able to travel to Missouri with my husband and two of our four adult children, to see our grandson play basketball. This is his first season -- he's only in 3rd grade but plays on a 5th grade team. He looks so small out there, but boy does he play hard. It was a wonderful time family time for all of us!

  8. Chopping trees, burning brush/trees, haling chopped trees to the fire...= hard work. But it was fun! We got a lot done, and the day went by really fast!

    I like the picture at the top of the post, but when I heard about it I was imagining something a little different:o)



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