Friday, January 1, 2010

We Are In The Middle Of Our Week Of Celebrations

Actually, it starts right before Christmas with Tim's birthday on the 24th! But this year it is extended because we are taking the first few days of next week to go to a cabin as part of celebrating Lindsay's birthday!

She is such an outdoors woman that we knew she would love a chance to go camping as a special part of celebrating. Huge problem for her is that her birthday is January 1st! Solution? Renting a cabin in a state park! We are really looking forward to spending a few days in the woods and hike. We are so proud of our new adult. She is mature, responsible, helpful, kind. She is loyal and a good and faithful friend. She loves her family, including all aunties and uncles and cousins!

Tomorrow Tim and I will leave the household in her capable hands and spend the day away - just enjoying each other. I am so thankful that after 22 years he is still my best friend! We were talking about the day we got married and we both said that while there may have been nerves about the ceremony, there were no second thoughts at all about marrying!

Sunday is church, of course, and it is a fellowship meal week - so we will have a meal together after church and hang out until 3:00 pm or so. Then often we will head over to someones house for the rest of the afternoon into the evening. These are fun days that really help us to know our church family!

I took no photos last night - just enjoyed talking and laughing with the dear friends who was so fun to introduce people to each other and see them discover all they had in common and see long, enjoyable talks see big girls, playing with little ones and helping them make jewelry, to see a wee little lady discover a new baby doll with a blanket and carry the baby around so carefully! Sweet! The young men played for hours together on the Wii, which Grandpa kindly brought over to share. Some left before midnight, having some miles to go, but many stayed, though they were really dying to be home in bed sleeping! We are so blessed by the Lord to be given such wonderful friends to share our lives with. There were about 26 people besides our own family. We were full to overflowing and it was great!

I know Emily and Lindsay, who are still getting their beauty sleep, both took photos, so I will encourage them to put them on their blogs to share with you all.

As each year goes by, I become more aware of how it is all about the Lord and learning to walk closer to Him. I do have some things I hope to accomplish in the New Year, praying about it...

If I don't get a chance to post for a few days, know that we are celebrating! Hope you are too!


  1. I can't wait until we go to the cabin! It will be So Fun! I know I had a lot of fun last night!

  2. Glad you all had fun last night and are looking forward to more fun coming soon at that cabin. Enjoy!

    See ya, Sunday.

  3. What a blessing - all of it!
    Happy Birthday to Lindsay!
    Happy Anniversary to you and your dear sweetie.
    Enjoy your time away at the cabin. :o)

    jAne * tickleberry farm


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