Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Cold Anniversary

Of course I am talking about the weather and not our relationship!

The high today was maybe 25 degrees with high winds, which of course make the temperature even colder! brrrrr

We spent the day in Historic Kennett Square. There are lots of great antique places, bookstores, restaurants...

We had checked out the town on the web, having been told by a friend that this is a neat town to check out. We have always driven past on Hwy 1 on our way to Longwood Gardens, but had never spent anytime in the town.

The first place we went was called "The Brick Garage." The owner was a lovely lady who is very creative - her antiques business is called 'Pack Rats Place' she says because she can't throw anything out! She repurposes items in very interesting ways. She also has a beautiful indoors room that makes you think you are sitting outdoors and their is a beautiful fireplace in there as well. We enjoyed the warmth of her welcome and our time at her place.

We poked around a furniture store that was so big, it just went on and on! Then we were hungry for some lunch as neither of us ate any breakfast before heading out. We chose to try The Country Butcher. They have a cafe and bakery. We both loved poking around through the whole store - lots of specialty food items - and chose to eat Ribeye sandwiches on toasted rolls, basil mayo, lettuce, was divine! We highly recommend it!

We then went to work off lunch by checking out some bookstores. RLD Books is a small but nice bookstore that immediately hooked me with their lovely collection of children's books. The owner was a lovely woman who told us that her son recently told her - a bookstore owner - that he bought a 'Kindle'! We all had a good laugh about that! I almost bought Rachel a Marguerite Henry book. It is a perfect fit - a girl who loves horses and loves to read. But I decided that the book at $25 for an old edition, while lovely, it was too much for our budget and I don't want to buy a 10 year old a book that has to be handled so carefully because it costs so much! I will buy her a new copy of this book that she can toss in her backpack and bring along with her when we go places!

We then walked across the street and went to Thomas Macaluso's Rare and Fine Books. No twaddle here! This is not a store that carries old paperbacks of romance novels etc...(neither does RLD Bookstore either!) Thomas Macaluso carries stunning books - OLD books, RARE books. Books that have long term value and interest. We were in awe. It was a treat to see the books he had, and the maps he carried also - wow!

After this we drove around West Chester. We like to check out new places, but it was so cold we decided that this would be a place that we visit another day!

Then we headed out to dinner.

It was a lovely day with warmth and affection shared by the two of us who after 22 years still enjoy one another's company! I love this man that the Lord so graciously gave me for a husband. He has stretched me and challenged me to live a life of serving the Lord and others. He has been a true friend and companion. I pray that I have been a helpmeet to him, that he has been as blessed by our marriage, as I have been!


  1. I am so glad you had a pleasant day together. Too bad it is soooo cold and windy!

    See you in a bit!

    Becky K.

  2. swoonie beautiful day for you and your dear husband. <3

    jAne * tickleberry farm

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love your blog, it's so sweet. Miss your beautiful family!

    Much love,


  4. Happy Anniversary and many! 22 years is amazing!

    Your day sounded ideal to me with good food and rare books and the perfect companion.


  5. What a warm and heartfelt post, thank you for sharing, I love outing like this with my dh.

  6. Happy Belated Anniversary! Sounds like your day together was very special indeed! What I think is so awesome is the friendship you have with one another! Thanks for the glimpse into your relationship!

  7. I am so glad that your day, even tho it was cold and blustery, was a wonderful one.

    Sounds like you had great fun.

    Love & Prayers,


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