Monday, January 11, 2010

Scenes From A Quick Trip, And Some Serious Thoughts

Friday was a beautiful, freezing cold day here in Pennsylvania. Not too long into the trip Rachel, seeing her sisters snapping away with their cameras, asked for mine and away she went!

When the whole family is riding in the car together the little folk get the far back bench seat. Here Rachel is showing you of Kyle getting all sugared up! What kind of parent in their right mind would let a four year old have a push pop knowing we would all be in the car for about 3 more hours?

Here Sarah looks like she is pleading for mercy....

The day was sunny on the first part of the trip...but did I mention it was cold? It was. Really cold. Think wind chill, you'll know I mean cold.

Our intrepid driver...and Miss Emily who always sits behind the driver, no matter who is driving. She has staked out 'her side.' She knows how to pass the time in the car. Lots of knitting, reading, photography. She is a great traveler.

Then there is this one. The new adult. She almost always has her camera ready....She and Emily were also in charge of the cooler. With all the drinks, lunch, ice etc...One thing to know about our family, regardless of the temperature we still must have our ice in our drinks! Especially me! They also were in charge of the bag of snacks. Things like Swiss Rolls and trail mix. You know the healthy stuff.

I think it is interesting to see the kids develop their artistic eye. Lindsay's hair clip is very pretty and caught Rachel's attention...

Oooh, self portrait...she needs some work on angles perhaps...

Aaaah, a fierce creature has been unleashed in the van....must be the sugar!

She loves her brother...really...she is thinking of squishing his head like a bug!

Our trip to the Western side always takes us through cool mountain tunnels!

Get to the Somerset area and the day changed to wasn't snowing heavily, and the roads were clear. It had been snowing for several days however, and the trees were coated!

Saturday morning in the hotel room. The big girls and I were watching t.v. While the little ones burned of a little energy...

What kind of mother encourages her children to do such wild things in the hotel? Seriously, jumping from one bed to the other....well, it did allow them to be very calm when we went over to Aunt Marylou's house again...

She was so happy to see everyone. She and Marcia insisted on making dinner for Friday even though we told them not to do it. Aunt Marylou is sneaky though. She waiting until we were just a few hours away on Friday and called Tim's cell to tell us! We were happy to see her and visit with her. She enjoys the kids, and we had some encouraging talks. Her youngest son and daughter have been a real testimony to us all in caring for their parents. Now that Aunt Marylou is alone, one of them spends the night with her. Every night. They hang out with her daily and her daughter Marcia knows all her medications and appointments. What a blessing they are to their sweet mother. She is a momma through and through though, and has a hard time not being the one doing the care giving...but as Marcia told her the other day 'Mother, you took care of us all our lives. Now it's your turn for us to take care of you.' If only every elderly person were this blessed. What a difference it would make in the lives of our senior citizens!


  1. I am so glad you were able to take this trip. It is good for everyone. You are right about our parents and grandparents needing and deserving the caring and respect that this dear lady is receiving.

    Becky K.

  2. I love these moments in time. These times of just doing the ordinary stay with us forever. It isn't the big fancy vacations that I have fond memories of....trips to visit family or just riding around with my parents is what I remember the most. How lucky for you to have such a talented photographer to capture these moments for you.

  3. I work for a nursing home it would be a thrill to see families be involved like that.

  4. Such great pics!! Love them all, esp squishing like one! :-p

    It is such a testimony to all of us! When my mom took care of her dad/my papa it was such a blessing. While my mom had short nights of sleep and had to really do a lot for him, she will tell you day in and day out that she wouldnt have had it any other way. She has always told her parents that as long as she was able, she would take care of them. There is something to say for that! Many would NEVER even consider doing it! I loved having my papa for the last years of his life in our home, time we can never replace.

    Glad you all were able to visit.
    A wonderful, godly example of such love and tender care.

  5. It sounds like you had a nice trip, and what a wonderful testimony of your husband's aunt's family and their care for her. My parents are still quite independent for their age, but I hope that when the time comes, we can be there for them the same way. I try to get there often. I was there today, in fact.

  6. What fun photos and captions. And what a blessing that Tim's dear aunt has such wonderful children.


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