Medicinal Herbs Again!

Lindsay's study of edible plants in the wild lead us all to an interest in medicinal plants.  God is so wise and wonderful the way He made nature to provide what we need.  I had the opportunity on Sunday to use common plantain to take the 'sting' out of 4 bee stings!

One of the little boys from church found a yellow jacket hive on a little used baby swing at the play gym area here at Creekside Cottage.  He got stung 4 times!  He was very brave and the plantain took the 'sting' out of them.  We did put ice on them to keep the swelling down, but apparently his hand was still swollen pretty good the next day!

This plant is probably everywhere you go and most people probably take the weed killer to it! Yikes!  It is very helpful to stop bleeding in cuts as well.

Of all things, Lindsay has to work tomorrow, so Emily will be going along with me.  Tim and I want the girls to have this knowledge for their own use one day!


  1. I tear the leaves after washing and offer it to my canary for a treat! He loves them, and also dandelion leaves, as do my hens. I heard it is a great anti-inflammatory, but had never heard of its use in bee stings before your post. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Enjoy your class. I saw this being used on Rachel on Sunday, too, I think. She was managing quite well.


  3. Thanks for the instruction ... I never knew!

    We'll be ordering the herbal liver cleansing blend offered on Shoshanna Pearl's website. Saw a video - tincture tutorial - will be doing just that.

    With the stresses, challenges, heart aches and such that can happen in this present life, it's wise to go back to basics in caring for one's health. Sometimes, Rx's are the very worst for our bodies.


  4. It certainly is useful knowledge. I hope you will post about your class.


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