Poison Something...

Rachel, Sarah and Kyle were out in the pasture Thursday evening with Lindsay.  A few hours later Rachel said that her eyes were itchy (not uncommon with seasonal allergies) so she took her allergy medication.


She awoke around 1:30 red in the face, it was warm to the touch, and itchy.  I looked it over no rash, but a reaction to something, so I had her use some topical anti itch gel and she finally went back to sleep.  When she woke Friday morning, her face was swollen.  I couldn't believe it!  She looked so different!

I gave her liquid benadryl and waited to see what would happen.  Nothing.  Still itching and miserable and puffy!

I got an afternoon appointment for her with the doctor.  He walks in and says "poison ivy!" I mention no rash, he shows me lines on her arms that are a sign of poison plant of some sort.  She had mentioned carrying 'ferns' on Thursday evening but when we looked at photos in our book of poison sumac (she actually looked it up) she said that she didn't touch any of that stuff.  She didn't see any poison ivy or oak either.  hmmm


Well, she is on steroids and the swelling decreased so quickly.  But the itching is still driving her nuts.  Can't sleep kind of nuts.  Which means Momma can't sleep either.  Tim worked overtime so I called him at 4:00 am this morning to ask that he stop and get more liquid benadryl and other anti itch stuff.

She awoke this morning still miserable.


Emily came home from work with itchy rashy (she who was not out in the pasture on Thursday evening).  It was on her face around her mouth, and it being the weekend...I called the doctor.  She prescribed steroids for her too.  She seems much better today.  

Lindsay tells me in my groggy lack of sleep state this morning "I have poison ivy on my hands."  She got jewel weed, chopped it up, pour boiling water over it, waited until it was cooler and then plunged her hand into it.  She said it 'burned' where the poison was, but that it felt much better.

The jewel weed has been hard to use on Rachel - we chopped some yesterday and infused it into coconut oil - because she doesn't have a 'rash'.  She is red and itchy though.  


Pray for us will you?  

ps - both Rachel and Emily are on steroids because of it being on their faces.  For Rachel her swelling was causing the skin around her eyes to swell shut.


  1. Ay yi yi! How miserable!

    Praying for all of you-that the girls would find relief, and that you would all get some good rest.

    Your medicinal herb classes have been perfect timing, haven't they?

    Love you guys!

  2. I don't think the girls understand that you really don't have to practice absolutely everything you are learning...sad smile.

    Oh, I am so sorry friend!
    I hope they will be well enough for church tomorrow.

    I wonder what in the world it is.


  3. Oh! my goodness. I feel so bad for your girls!

  4. I hope they are better soon!! I remember Alicia got an allergic reaction in Havasu and her face swelled like Rachel's.

    I guess they aren't entering the Olympics just now due to the steroids.

  5. So sorry for the girls. Perhaps someone was burning it nearby. You can most definitely catch poison ivy that way.

  6. There are many ways to get the effects from poison ivy - petting animals that have brushed against it, burning spreads the oils - oh boy. Prayers promised for your gang. Jewel weed stalks crushed and rubbed on the areas helps, as does benedryl, and steroids, which you have tried. Hope it will leave quicker than it came on!


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