Pillowcase Tutorial

I had a few email requests for more information about how to make the pillowcases, my friend Jane in Florida is going to make a Toy Story 3 one for her granddaughter!  

I take my fabric and leave it folded the way it comes off the bolt.  I usually lightly iron it, giving myself an even fold.  

Then I trim 2 inches off the selvage side of the fabric.

I like to make French Seams so I leave my fabric with the right side of the material 'out' and make a 2/8th's seam along one end and along the side of the fabric.

I then turn the fabric inside out, and iron done the seam.  I then take a 3/8th's seam.  This encloses the whole seam inside, and makes a total of a 5/8th's seam.

Here is what the seams look like finished.

You are now ready to make your fold at the opening of the pillowcase.  This time I folded 2 inches over then folded it again about 6 to 8 inches.  This is where you could trim several inches off before doing your seams, if you wish.   

I used a decorate stitch to sew the seam at the opening of the pillowcase.

Here is the finished product on Kyle's bed.  A darling, brand new pillowcase for about $4.00!  He loves it!


  1. You lost me back at the beginning...but I love the end result. I am a sewing failure.

    Becky K.

  2. Thank you! I love sewing tutorials as I'm not that great a sewer but determined to get better. So all tips are appreciated!


  3. I SEW enjoy sewing - this would be a simple and quick project to whip up for my grandkids! It turned out great!!!

  4. Such sweet pillowcases! Thanks so much sharing the tutorial with us! Happy week to you.



  5. Just wrote this down. Will give it a go!


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