My Little Man Is Five!

This hardly seems possible...I remember how excited we all were to find out that Nate was finally going to get his brother, after 16 years of waiting!

This little man has been such a joy.  Cheerful, helpful, full of joy, that is Kyle.  He is a thinker, quick to learn....he loves to snuggle still and he rubs my arm when he is tired or needs to make a connection.

To celebrate today we went with Grandma and Grandpa to see "Toy Story 3" in 3D - it was so much fun to watch and to go altogether!

Then we came back here - made tacos, opened gifts - he got a scooter and a bike and checkers like they have at Cracker Barrel, some foam swords...Nate, Kay and Kamryn came by for lunch and cake.

I will update with photos later!


  1. Happy Birthday Kyle!

  2. Looking forward to your pics of your *5*! yo cutie.

  3. Sounds like a great day! Happy Birthday, Kyle! We love you!

    We had tacos for supper too.

  4. Sounds like a great birthday for an awesome little man! I love how he rubs arms when he's falling asleep. So precious! kyle puts a smile on my face EVERY time. :) See?


  5. Happy Birthday, Birthday Boy!
    It sounds like a wonderful day!


    love your favorite 19 year old cousin hehe katie

  7. Happy Birthday to that special son of grandson (one of them) turned 6 yesterday..I think they would be great buddies...
    We recently went and saw ToyStory 3...we loved it...all that stuff about Ken and his clothes..hilarious..I think they just keep getting better and better..what do you think?

  8. Happy Birthday to your sweet Little Man. He shares a birthday with my twins :-)

  9. What fun!
    Andrew & i recently saw ToyStory 3 in 3D too =) My 1st 3D movie
    We liked it

    Kyle, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    hugs for the kids


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