Medicinal Herbs - UPDATE

Lindsay and I were bummed that the class for today was cancelled.  Apparently not enough people were signed up a head of time!  And here I was worried there wouldn't be room for two more students at the last minute!  Oh, well, at least we are signed up for next weeks class.  Hopefully she will make up this one also!

This morning Lindsay and I are headed to a local natural foods store to take a medicinal herbs class.

Our interest started when Lindsay became interested in plants that were edible in the wild.  My eyes were opened to the fact that all those plants that we call weeds are real plants and most of the time are either good for food or medicinal purposes!

Take for example this plant.  It is jewel weed.  It grows very well here.  It is used to deal with the itchiness etc, of poison ivy.  God in His greatness has caused this plant most often to grow right next to, or nearby where poison ivy grows!  Genius!

This plant is called plantain.  How many of you have it growing in your yards?  It is everywhere.  Did you know that it's leaves can be used as an antidote to bee stings and to clean cuts and stop the bleeding?  We have done it.  We tore up the leaves added a bit of water and put it on Rachel's toe that got stung by a bee in the clover.  Right away the howling stopped and even though it was still sore, within minutes she was up and running around!  This never happens - we always have hours of icing the sting etc...  If you are out hiking and get stung you can pick the leaves, chew them a bit and then apply to the sting.  It draws out the venom.

So I need to run...lots to learn today!


  1. Oh Good Morning Sweetie...
    I can't wait to see what you learn at this class. (I so love it when you share these wonderful things with me.)

    I don't have either of the plants you have shared today, but how wonderful to know these things. I always learn when I pop over for a visit. Thank you so much for sharing.

    You girls have a wonderful time, and I can't wait to see what you learn. Very interesting today.

    Have fun. Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  2. Now that sounds like an interesting morning. Be sure to tell us more...

    Becky K.

  3. Sorry that your class was cancelled...I am excited for you to get on this path and share, share, share, share...this is something that interests me too...looking forward to learning more from you....

  4. Sorry your class was canceled. Hope you will have a class next week. This is all so fascinating to me. I love to hear what you and Lindsay share with me about plants.

  5. Bummer!
    Well, hopefully it will all work out for next week.

    Becky K.


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