Saturday, August 7, 2010


9 quarts done today.  Another box to do on Monday...

Also done today loaves of Sweet French Bread to have with Ziti and Salad for dinner.  A friend from church joined us for our evening meal.

Lindsay and Emily went out for coffee with their friend Chelsea, who is staying the night at our house.  They also did a bit of shopping at Target as Miss Chelsea seems to always forget her toothbrush! 

Now it is time for me to tuck my younger girlies in and say good night!

Have a blessed Sunday!


  1. Your peaches and french bread sound delicious and the girls' slumber party will be fun. Happy Sunday to you, and heading to church Sunday morning.

  2. Oh dear! Chelsea and that toothbrush! Guess she needed a new one anyway....She was so excited to spend time with your girls!!


  3. I'm expecting to get some peaches either this week or maybe next. They are one of my very favorites.

    I made a double batch of French Sweet Bread a couple days ago, too. I volunteered to send French toast with the girls to a multi-day music festival they're attending this week. How much to send for 12, two of which are adult men, five of which are young men? I'm hoping the double batch is enough. I'm making the French toast ahead and freezing it so it's heat and eat. Hope it works well.

    I've given new toothbrushes to overnight guests but I make them put their names on the handles with a sharpie so they can use it the next time they forget. My nieces quit packing theirs on purpose when they used to come because they knew they had them here. I think I still have one belonging to a friend of the girls who hasn't stayed here in ages. Probably time to purge, eh?

  4. Oh they look yummy. I always ask for the same thing for my August birthday...peach cobbler, my favorite. These peaches look perfect for cobbler, pie, or just eating straight from the jar :-)
    Have a wonderful week.

  5. The peaches look delicious. I need to get more motivated to do these things.

  6. Mrs. Rabe,
    I'm sorry that I'm just now getting back with you about the peach varieties. The "easy to peel" peaches I used last year and this for canning are Harkin and Veteran. There is no need to place in hot water. Just peel with a sharp knife. The skin will just slip off when the peaches are ripe. Your peaches are beautiful! Do you have any recipes to make jelly from the skins? My mother used to do this but I do not have the recipe. It had to be strained through cheese cloth, due to the fuzz.
    Ruth :)

  7. Today I posted my method of canning peaches I learned from my Amish friend, Mary. Hope you stop by!

    Always enjoy reading! Blessings to you all!


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